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Who will you be without Ron Paul? (Different paths to our common ground.)

Ron Paul deserves to go down in history as "the man who inspired a r3volution." He brought together people who were diametrically opposed on many "issues" but who agreed in general on the basic concept of "liberty." Bible thumpers stood side by side with atheists to fight the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the "police state" in all its manifestations. Then Ron Paul ended his campaign for President - this was in 2008. The group that had become like family began to drift apart. Those of us who had joined the GOP stayed and tried to make changes from within. For me, that goal was abandoned when Lt. Gov. Brad Little announced to a group of County Chairmen that the Tea Party had been successfully taken over. Understand that I was at a "Tea Party" on November 11, 2007 - with about 6 other people. When Boise's Tea Party held their first event, there were thousands of people, and a stage and rock-concert sized speakers.... My husband's first comment was "Where did this money come from?" Now we know.

Many Ron Paul supporters took the lead in other battles; "We The People," fighting for their Sovereign Rights, becoming video-journalists, engaging in "Cop Watch," joining Chuck Baldwin's "Liberty Fellowship." Many of them just disappeared into the woodwork, their willingness to stand and be counted evaporated under the increasing incidence of police violence against political activists. Had Ron Paul said in 2008 that he would run again in 2012, perhaps some of them may have stuck around, but we will never know. What we do know is that CFL failed to keep the Ron Paul supporters together in a cohesive group, and that in 2012 Idaho handed Ron Paul some embarrassing numbers.

Now it is a week before the next faux election. Ron Paul is not in the running, but the "faithful" are still vowing to write him in. Some will be supporting a third party candidate. I do not consent to any of it - I was created sovereign and that is how I will live and die. To participate in the rigged election of corrupt men is tacit approval, and I do not approve. So who is doing "the right thing?"

Every one of us.

Our common ground is not "liberty" it is our humanity. If you are terribly literal, our common ground is earth. For those who wish to restore Constitutional Law to the US, I ask: Which rights are exclusive to US residing humans? The ways we differ are infinite, and by focusing on our differences we enable those who deal in fear to make us fearful of each other.

By learning to celebrate our differences we disarm them. If "Liberty" was the battle call that rallied us, let "For ALL" become the charge that carries us forward. There are many paths to the Valhalla of "Freedom." Find the path that fits your feet, and walk it impeccably.

Next week will be heartbreaking for anyone who cares about truth, justice, liberty. But it need not be the sundering of The People. We need not walk together to be on our way to our common destination, there are many paths across this common ground.

Fight on, my brothers and sisters - for love, for liberty, for peace, for truth. I see your light on the hill, and I am heartened to know you are there. I shall see you at the journey's end and shall not care one whit which path you arrived by, I will simply rejoice at our victory - and dance with you upon that common ground!

Special thanks to quiltingsando for suggesting the perfect soundtrack for our dance:

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It is time to take individual responsibility.

A great leader, Ataturk said "If you are waiting for a leader who will save your country, it means I couldn't have taught you anything." Here is another quote "There are two Mustafa Kemal's. One is the flesh-and-bone Mustafa Kemal who now stands before you and who will pass away. The other is you, all of you here who will go to the far corners of our land to spread the ideals which must be defended with your lives if necessary. I stand for the nation's dreams, and my life's work is to make them come true." Replace Mustafa Kemal with Ron Paul.

From my conversations with people I came to the conclusion that a lot of people vote for their chosen candidate/party not because they're mesmerized by their performance or promises but because they don't want the other candidate to win. If I had a dime for every time I heard "A vote for a third party is a vote for Mitt/Obama" or "Yes Obama is not perfect but Mitt would be a total disaster." or "I will vote for Romney because he is the lesser of two evils and Obama needs to go." I'd be richer than Romney. Also a record number of people identify as independents now.

90 million people will not vote in this election because they're disappointed with both parties. 90 million is a huge number! According to the poll in USA Today only 32% thinks the two parties do a good job, 26% thinks a third party is necessary and 27% thinks multiple parties are necessary. Source: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012-08-1...

A lot of people don't even know who Gary Johnson is but the more embarrassing thing is some people still don't know who Ron Paul is! A lot of people are brainwashed by the MSM, they're quite uninformed. If we could reach those 90 million then you think about the possibilities. I think the best strategy is to form local networks and inform people while using the internet to spread the message.

It is an individual responsibility to take action and save the country.

Today, I rejoice that Ron Paul is a freer man

I look forward to what he will say and do, now that he is no longer a politician nor a candidate for office.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

I think most have stuck around.

Do we all of a sudden change the way we feel? Do we all of a sudden not know what we know? True that is sucks not having a Ron Paul to rally around. True that few in this world are as honest and not tempted by all the greed and corruption in Washington as RP. But we sure as sht haven't changed the way we feel. I got mad after the 08 crap, but in a month or so, came back. I still come here for real news, it just isn't as fun without RP running and all the rally's and state conventions, etc. Still here, still feel the same, still fighting to inform others. Always looking for another RP.


that last paragraph was genius.

As long as the INTERNET is free from government restraint

and we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, then, this revolution will continue to open the minds and hearts of all people. Already, the masses have become aware of the Federal Reserve as an entity, and many more are becoming aware of the Federal Reserve, and millions have woken up about its nefarious and unfair and what should be called "illegal" activities.

The revolution will take many different forms now. All are good.


For citing SRV, you should check out his brothers song, shackles on me-Jimmie Vaughan

You just got PAULED!


Why We Must Re-brand Liberty Inside the 2-Party Duopoly.

If you are thinking that we need to take our R3VOLution "to the next level" I 100% agree with you. But if you are thinking that we need to go back to the Libertarian Party, I invite you to think DEEPER upon the issue.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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The 2-Party Duopoly...

is a clay garden. Nothing grows. Nothing HAS EVER grown. NOTHING WILL EVER GROW. The Libertarian Party and Constitution Party are beds of soil. Not much to ponder.

NOTHING will change until the republican/democrat (same thing) party is WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY REJECTED.

F the R's.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.


Rand is the future. It is my personal opinion that the only way Ron Paul was going to lead this country is if a grassroots rose up to get him there. Through my rose colored glasses I see a man that finally found an audience. Had this happened 10-15 years ago.. Ron Paul would be the new Ronald Reagan.. the spin would be they were old chums. Imagine Ron Paul in Ross Perots place, with his money. But.. This is 2012.

I personally believe that the strategy was to position Rand, of course not in the beginning, but a Plan B if you will. The passing of the torch to Rand and immediately endorsing Romney on Hannity was the worst PR that I have seen since Howard Dean.

Had Rand gone on to speak to the judge, stossel or especially Cavuto, directly after his Hannity appearance, our movement would not HAVE BECOME SO FKN JADED AND ANGRY. The disconnect caused fracture. Had Rand understood the value of speaking directly to us we could be more united towards our cause. We matter. We are the backbone to the freedom movement. We are the ones that raise millions and work our asses off.

If Rand understands the value of our movement, he will mobilize himself and show us the leadership that can unite us. We are all individuals fighting for the same causes. That is the point of this topic.

No matter how individual we are, we still need leadership.

Rebels whipped the biggest empire in the world.. became our Founders, and were solid enough to create a free society without a grab for power. Americans wanted a King and were blessed with a Republic.

No matter what path we all take from here, lets remain united in our cause. Peace, honest money and Liberty.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I guess they wore Ron Paul down.

Now that he's no longer running for office, and the GOP/RNC/Media has so successfully "disbarred" him from national influence, I suppose Ron has finally decided to slow down. He's fought the good fight, for over 30 years, he's been the lone voice of sanity in Congress. Yet, sanity is not what our Congress wants, and sad, but true, it's not what Americans want either. Some of us would like to see it, but look around, the government has been quite successful in turning the populace into teet suckin dependents. One way or another. I say Ron Paul has more than earned his day of rest. My hope is that someone close to his caliber will step up.

alan laney

Ron Paul

represents what I already stood for. So, no change, just glad there was someone who I could support with a clear mind and heart.

First time in my 30 years of voting...probably the last.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

totally understandable

There have only been two election cycles that I voted and both were for Ron Paul. I am removing myself from the republican party after the election and am calling it DONE from here on out.

Even if there was another ron paul running as a republican, democrat, lib or whatever evil party, I am NOT participating in this rigged system any further.

No party will get money from me
No candidate will get money from me
No election especially at the national level will get my vote

If we want to have real change, it needs to start in our own backyards by waking up our friends, family and neighbors. We need to SHOW what liberty living is like versus telling others how their candidate is wrong and why.

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Live and Let Live

The main thing is that this bell can't be un-rung. What we...

...have learned from Ron Paul the last 5 years can't be un-learned.

We are no longer ignorant and/or apathetic (as many were before discovering Dr. Paul).

As for me, I find myself teaching people even when I never intended to.

All it takes is a hint of politics, economics, civics, history or liberty to be brought up in a discussion and it's off to the races.

Today for example, I suggested 3 books for my 17 year-old nephew to read which he has promised to do:
1. "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlit
2. "Liberty Defined" by Ron Paul
3. "What Has Government Done To Our Money?" by Murray Rothbard

Before discovering Dr. Paul I never would have thought to read these books, let alone suggest them to a new generation.

And even though I didn't vote for 34 years, I can't agree with your assessment to not participate in any election isn't the answer.

My strategy going forward is to always fight the 2 party du-opoly and either find a 3rd party candidate worthy of my vote or write someone in who I DO believe in.

I'm done with trying to change the GOP from within. Our numbers are too small and any belief that we can "become the party" is pie in the sky.

We MUST in the future get at least ONE 3rd party or independent candidate into the presidential debates and elected into Congress.

Short of that we will never break the 2 party stranglehold on the American political process.

This time around I voted for a man who Dr. Paul called "a wonderful candidate," Gary Johnson.

It was an informed and researched vote designed to send the loudest possible message - especially to the rotted, cheating and corrupt GOP/RNC.

May thay realize that after Obama wins, how badly they needed us afterall.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Not sure what your point is Fishy...

If Ron Paul's legacy is that he is "the man who inspired a r3volution", what IS the "r3volution" that you are referring to?

It appears that you believe that his only relevance was as an excuse for a bunch of "sovereign" people to get together briefly, wave some signs and then return to their separate caves.

You mention that the CFL failed to "keep the Ron Paul supporters together in a cohesive group" in Idaho. I'm not sure that ANY organization could have kept a group as eclectic as all "Ron Paul supporters" together.

More importantly, what it apparently failed to do in Idaho was inspire enough LEADERS to organize the lovers of liberty into a relevant political force within the Republican Party of Idaho BETWEEN elections.

So your "Lt. Gov. Brad Little announced to a group of County Chairmen that the Tea Party had been successfully taken over" and you took this as a sign that you should abandon your efforts to work from within the GOP? Gee, I sure hope OUR Lieutenant Governor doesn't make an announcement like that. I would sure hate to have to give up all of the progress we've made here in Iowa.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Nicely crafted, space

Amazing how you can take a loving post and use it to try tear me down. I am sad for you, that you only think someone's life is worthwhile if they are a politician. You are going to miss out on meeting some wonderful people. That said, good luck in Iowa. As I told granger, if you guys prove me wrong I will happily eat crow and buy you both a beer. However we get there, when we all walk as free humans I HOPE we can both appreciate each others' efforts.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

My point was not to tear you or anyone else down...

I did not say anything about you or anyone else being worthwhile or not worthwhile because they aren't a politician or for any other reason. Even my comments about your giving up was not meant to be a personal criticism. I just don't think that it is a good strategy to surrender whenever your opponent tells you that you just lost a battle. I would not want others to follow that example.

It may be that I misunderstood the intentions of your post. If it was just to say that you love and appreciate the people in the movement regardless of the paths we chose to follow, then I apologize.

However you also added enough commentary in your OP about the history of the movement over the last five years (along with events from your perspective in Idaho) that I felt that it had became more than just an inspirational message of healing or even a justification for your own actions. What I saw instead was yet another dig at the "Republican Strategy" and those who support it.

And your gratuitous comment about Granger and "eating crow" only seems to confirm that.

Personally, I don't blame you for giving up on the GOP. I'm tempted to do give up all the time. And then I remember WHY I am doing what I am doing and consider the alternatives. I guess I just haven't been able to convince myself that the path to "Valhalla" leads through my E-Z Boy recliner.

But I STILL don't harbor ill feelings for you or ANY other sincere lover of liberty REGARDLESS of your "chosen path".

On the other hand, I don't think that means I'm obligated to sit by silently as people endorse the disintegration of our movement, no matter how benign their intentions.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Dr. Paul is with me everyday

In my office I have a frame 16x20 Carl Bork print.

I mean if he can stand up to the slimeballs in DC for 30 years, then that means that there is nothing I can't do

Made love for Dr. P

PS for those who never saw the Carl Bork prints please visit this site

I think our obligation in this cause,

if at all, would be to become much more conscious - ESPECIALLY to all those things we used to ignore earlier.

Ron gave many of us lessons on principles, and why they matter. The best everyone can do as appears to me, is to know and to live by those principles, and pass them on.

Lots of Love from Austria, and 'Energy Hugs', to everyone affected by the storm!!

Why would I not vote? I have

Why would I not vote? I have some friends who worked on the local RP campaign who are running. Why would I not vote for them?

Expatriation for me.

Time to get the hell out if you can.

Where are you going

Where are you going Indoctrination?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

If I can make it work,

I've got my sights set on Latin America. I probably wouldn't be that optimistic about it if I hadn't discovered these guys:


They're a great resource for anyone leaving, or staying for that matter.

They are a great group of

They are a great group of libertarians! I dream of the day the nation state is no more.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Some of us need to stick around

I've got roots where I live. Friends and family that I don't care to be separated from.

I believe in the Liberty (Libertarian) Cause. Yes it is going to be tough. Yes hard times are ahead of us, even those who expatriate.

Mankind is disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable (Declaration of Independence). Liberty is worth suffering for, Lesser or Greater of Two Evils. We suffer in smaller doses as we grow from childhood into maturity, greater ones as we have more responsibilities, each suffering another opportunity/lesson towards our Independence.

Being tough enough survive adversity is a hallmark of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Some of us need to stick around.

One important fact should not be overlooked.

Original (pre-2007) Libertarians came to the movement via Ayn Rand since she was more read than Ludwig von Mises. That is despite the fact that Ayn Rand herself despised Libertarian movement for its limitation to economics and embracing religious right (who are actually not a political right, but rather collectivists who would sacrifice individual liberty for their dogma; same as progressives.)

But after 2007, most Libertarians came via Ron Paul and substituted Alex Johns' populism of 5-6 banks for wisdom of Ayn Rand. Since Ron Paul himself is Rothbardian (short of anarchism), that strange development was allowed to occur.

The results - most of "new" libertarians (blue republicans, alex johns populists, religious) are half-baked often focusing on sideline issues and not understanding capitalist free society.

More categories then your listing

I always was at least a bit libertarian, I just did not know the term, though I knew a bit about Ayn Rand almost two decade's ago, because I worked closely with, and then for, a man who was raised by one of her early fans.

I identified as a "John Lock liberal" and I became enamored of Ron Paul a decade ago, simply for being a real and good person in politics. It took me a while to come fully into his camp, because I was and am staunchly pro-choice and pro-environmental protection.

i know people who voted for Ron Paul solely on the basis or drug reform and significantly reducing the military. There are more people cheering on the sideline over these issues then will ever understand Austrian economics or a gold standard (myself included)


Luckily those "others" did not focus our attention on Illuminati, etc...

I don't need Dr. Paul's constant attention or advice

nor does he need my constant attention or advice to drive towards the same common goals you spoke of. That is the beauty of distributive planning. We all have a very similar view of the ultimate goal, yet are free to pursue our own paths towards that goal all the while ignoring and taking all the advice/help we can get.

It's kind of like flanking Liberty, the more people we have driving towards it from different directions, the less places is has to go. Kind of a funny thought, "Don't let Liberty Escape!"

What brings us together is not our methods or experience, it is our common goal. I call it Independence, Liberty, Sovereignty over myself, Rule of Law, Natural Law, and the like. You all call it similar things.

I can't explain it all in a reply, but I'd like to see all the Libertarian Leaning Democrats, Republicans . . . Libertarian Leaning ANYTHINGS come together into the Libertarian Party to unite on all the Liberty and Rule of Law stuff. I'm not giving any Representative of mine any type of consent or authority to vote Yes on anything other than Liberty and Rule of Law stuff, everything else must be a NO. I believe I can get that sort of thing going in my area.

I recognize the disgust with the current Party System and that in a perfect world (which is closely possible) Peaceful Anarchy is the most desirable way to coexist, however, we cannot get their in one step. We must set ourselves up for success by taking several logical paths to the same destination. Darn, some will get there first, but will show the way to anyone who wants it.

We need people getting up on the stage and competing with these people. I feel I can best set Liberty up for success in the Libertarian Party.

God Bless Ron Paul for widening my understanding of Liberty and Economics, it is up to me to find out how deep that understanding is and how to use it. I won't let you down DrPaul;)

PS - Great article FishyCulture. Well said and so many great positive responses.

Sentiment is all well and good, but

let us remember that Ron Paul has been in this fight for many years.This time around the most progress has been made. He wouldn't think of stopping and neither should we.This fight is far from won. We have to hold the politicians'feet to the fire. The majority of people will go back to sleep once the election is over (unless Obama gets in). We have a lot of good people here, together we will keep going. We won't have to worry what to do next. We will see it. After all, we want a real candidate in 2016.

We are in another war for our Independence.

We are Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is Liberty and truth and a breath of free air.