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CNN channels Ron Paul: Reduce our overseas military commitments.

Romney's other 47% problem
By Harvey Sapolsky and Benjamin Friedman, Special to CNN

Editor's note: Harvey Sapolsky is a professor emeritus of public policy and organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Benjamin Friedman is a research fellow in defense and homeland security studies at the Cato Institute.

(CNN) -- A fixture of the presidential race has been Mitt Romney's 47% problem: Those Americans who don't pay federal income tax that Romney has described as freeloaders. Of course, Romney has retracted his remark. But if he still wants to attack those who freeload off of U.S. taxpayers, there is a better target: Our wealthy overseas allies.

Forty-seven percent is also roughly the U.S. share of global military spending. Our annual $700 billion-plus military budget exceeds the next 10 biggest military budgets combined. Much of that money buys forces needed to defend allies against threats they could afford to meet themselves. Alliances that once served the U.S. national interest have become a subsidy to rich allies.

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Whether it is right or

Whether it is right or wrong...I would always rather help the helpless, hopeless, poor, starving or out of work..the 47% people of america, then help a foreign nation or subsidies for the already Rich...I would also rather give people food stamps than fund a war.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32