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I'd like to write in Ron Paul, but not sure if my state will simply throw it away or not ...

Is there a site where I can go to get details (Without having to dig too much) on how a write in vote is treated in my state (Indiana). I really want to write him in, but if that vote simply gets tossed and not even registered, I suppose I'll vote for Gary Johnson.

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Secretary of State

Your tax dollars at work: I'm sure your state has a website with all the details. Easy.

Less easy: make sure you do your homework on all your state offices and your Senate and House Reps to DC. That's where the action is, and you don't want your ballot to be thrown out.

Further, write-ins are rarely counted unless they are so numerous the candidate could win, as to do otherwise is a waste of taxpayer money.

But that point is moot, because the media won't report the results of write-ins, and the only place you'll find it, months later, is in a footnote on some government report.

My rule of thumb is not to vote for Evil, no matter what. I look at all the candidates on my ballot, and if I can't find one that's headed in the right direction, I don't vote that race. Issues like abortion are tied to the economy as abortions and miscarriages both increase with poverty, so that's a no-brainer (especially given the Obama/Romney stances).

In my opinion, all candidates are flawed and that's why we need small goverment. But flaws are acceptable if the candidate is heading in the right direction instead of the wrong one, and that's why I'm willing to vote for Gary Johnson (he's night and day better than the others, plus it will be counted and reported). If you're going to vote for someone who is not running, you might as well write in "Jesus" or "Mickey Mouse" as many people do every time.

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Who fking cares what the

Who fking cares what the state does. Let the state shove the ballots up in their collective asses. They already fked us out of a modern day Jefferson and you're worried what indiana will do with your ballot?

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There are a bunch, but some leave out case law

such as supposedly Oregon is going to count them, but I can't verify that, it was from the attorney in that law suit who said there is a Supreme court order on it. I wish I had a link.

But in CA and ME he was put into certified write in position, in PA and NH and IA and a number of others any write in counts. In the state of Washington they will count it only if the outcome would be altered if they counted them (essentially if he were to win the state.) I understand only 6 states simply don't allow write ins and there to vote for none of the above as a rejection of them all would be my second choice. Everywhere they do count the catchall category of those who vote but do not vote for President (or an accepted choice). But if you like GJ and he is on the ballot, that would work for you.

As I said, there are a lot of sites you can google but they all leave some wrinkles out, and if you just said your state that would be easier to find.

I wrote in Ron Paul before I knew if it would be counted or not, but it will, because he is now a certified write in candidate in CA.

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I will be proud to vote 'Ron Paul'

for the third time.

Are any of our votes counted, really?

I live in Indiana. I dont

I live in Indiana.

I dont really give a shit if my write in is officially counted or not.

The whole election is a sham and we all know it.

Im going to write him in anyway.

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I would start here


In TX, I wrote the election people and they responded that any write-in not listed in the certified write-in list will not be counted.

However, it does not invalidate the rest of the ballot, so other votes would be counted.

Looks like it's the exact same in Indiana per IC 3-12-1-1.7 in the link above.

Just search for the the certified list of write-ins in Indiana; that will tell you what you need to know.


That's what I was worried about, I want my vote to really count in the senate race (voting for Andrew Horning for Lugar's seat), so I wasn't sure if my whole ballot would be thrown out for the write in vote.

So that said .... I'M WRITING IN RON PAUL :)

"without having to dig too much"

No offense, but that statement offends me. You want freedom, but don't "want to have to dig too much."

Eternal vigilance, indeed.

I'm prepared for the downvotes, but the downvotes will only prove my point - i.e. that many "r3VOLutionaries" are here to feel good, not do work. And they'll vote down those that insist that r3VOLutionaries are REQUIRED to do work, not some, but A LOT.

Downvotes to this are directly representative of why we don't win.

Hope this helps


I agree with blacklab, a vote for anyone other than Obamney or even not voting is step in the right direction. Good luck, it's a tough decision.

In my opinion, it really

In my opinion, it really doesn't matter what do you as long as you don't vote for Obama or Romney. The effect will be the same no matter which path you choose.

Official or not

Your Ron Paul vote will be counted and will matter more then a vote for Obama romney or Johnson

And no matter what someone would have to read it

And no matter what someone would have to read it. After the election demand that your City & County Clerks count the write in vote's