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Hang Ron Paul's picture on the wall and call it a day

Some will go republican and try to change the party from the inside (Rand)

Some will praise Jesus and seek the next anti-abortion candidate

Some will vote for Gary Johnson

Many will just drift into other issues they feel strongly about.

It was a nice run, I'm glad we could all come together with Ron Paul and support his message of Liberty.

I, myself will splinter off into the Gary camp. I'll check back from time to time to see if any continuity of ideals and a mission returns to this site.

It has been my pleasure to participate in the cause of liberty with all of you. Thank you.

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Why did...

you have to write this "dear john" letter? Why not just drift in and out of Daily Paul from time to time as your mood dictates? :)

Sounds like you have specific issues that cause you to feel the need to depart.

As far as Gary Johnson, I hope you will come to see that Gary Johnson's "keeping the Fed and returning it to it's mission of price stability" is the exact opposite of "sound money" and it is the very #1 thing that Ron Paul has been about. Trying to maintain price stability led us into the Great Depression because if you try to stabilize the price of one good or service the end result is the prices of non-related goods and service become more and more unstable.

As far as Ron Paul's #2 very most important issue, that the unsound fake money is what allows us to wage "endless" war. Without the fake money that Gary Johnson is determined to protect, we would be forced to shut down the wars and Congress would have to convince the citizens to pay direct taxes to pay for war.

There is no hope for America if we don't stop the fake money system that allows the powers-that-be to buy time to steal the world's wealth through war and stealing us Americans wealth through inflation.

Gary Johnson is a DIRECT enemy of EVERYTHING Ron Paul has tried to teach us and warn us about. :(

Please please please wake up!

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~