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Video: Time Warner Kills TV Show Critical Of TSA (Video)

Episode exposed how body scanners were a major cancer threat

by Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com

Former Governor Jesse Ventura exclusively revealed to Infowars that a show set to air as part of Ventura’s popularConspiracy Theory series that exposed how TSA body scanners were a major cancer threat was canceled by Time Warner-owned TruTV.

Skip forward to 49:30 to hear Ventura’s comments about the TSA show being canceled:


“This year we did eight of them but they’re only going to air seven, they won’t do the one we did on the TSA – that one apparently ain’t gonna make show time,” said Ventura, speaking to the Alex Jones Show.

The former Governor of Minnesota refused to be drawn on who exactly was responsible for killing the show. “I don’t know who killed it, I can only say that TruTV killed it,” said Ventura.

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