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Rand Paul Open to 2016 Presidential Run

Rand Paul was on C-SPAN on Sunday:


The 2016 question is at 2:22.

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I won't forget what he did do

I won't forget what he did do his father and to us. I won't forget that though he is now busting his butt for Romney he did NOTHING to help the struggling Ron Paul delegates at the crucial state conventions earlier this year. I won't forget that he announced his switch to Romney on the show of a man (Hannity) who only a few months earlier had led the campaign to smear his dad as a racist.

I hear you

But you have to admit that he is the best senator....maybe in a 100 years. I think the odds of his father not being consulted about the timing of Rand's endorsement are pretty slim.

Watch how he votes and what he filibusters...you don't talk on the senate floor for an hour like this...
and not have a certain genetic makeup from a certain Dr. with two first names.

P.S. He, Rand, certainly did campaign with and for his father---I saw him in multiple states.

So Rand campaigned for his

So Rand campaigned for his dad at the crucial state conventions THIS YEAR when delegates were being chosen? That's news to me. Please provide an example.

I admit that Rand's appearance on

I admit that Rand's appearance on the Hannity Show of all people, hurt like hell.

But I can vouch that Rand did campaign for his father. I was there and Rand had his eyes focused like a laser on his father's face for Ron's entire speech. Not once did his eyes stray anywhere else. Not once. It was incredibly moving to me to witness this.

Rand's statement on NDAA will forever be the hallmark of all the speeches made in the defense of liberty that I have ever heard. http://youtu.be/rghhz_t5POo

“History will record the legislative record of Ron Paul as an extraordinary one – perhaps unparalleled. There probably has never been a more consistent believer in limited government in Congress. America deserves a statesman like Ron Paul as her president, a man I am proud to call my father.” - Rand Paul

I believe that Doug Weed said

I believe that Doug Weed said that Rand gave his dad something like a half hour notice before the announcement and that Ron was very disappointed. Given Ron's hatred for Hannity, I can't believe that Ron was happy about it. In any case, while I recognize, that Rand is "better" than other Senators (though Amash is better in the House), I just don't trust him, especially with my money or time.

I won't forget that Rand

I won't forget that Rand Paul's voting record and introduced legislation is closer to Ron Paul's than any elected official in the last 100 years, if not ever.


Of course you wont, because now it is en-vouge to support LibetyLite candidates who go 90% of the way. Fuck the other 10%, it's enough to pick someone who is "closer" to what you want even though their actions say otherwise. This is why the liberty movement will never have solid ground again.

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

My reasons for disliking Rand

My reasons for disliking Rand are not primarily because of his voting record (which is good for a CONSERVATIVE) but because of his deep, deep character flaws e.g. stabbing his own dad in the back on the show of a man who only months earlier had smeared him as a racist every day continuously during drive-home hour. The liberty movement can never be trusted to such a man.

You took the long road to

You took the long road to describe the foundation upon which the concept of "the lesser of two evils" is built.

You guys seriously think that

You guys seriously think that voting for Rand Paul over Robamney or any future variation is really a lesser of the two evils situation? Wow. I have news for you guys:
- there will never be another Ron Paul
- Libertarian Party registration is currently 282,000, and their candidates are not as libertarian as Rand Paul, so good luck ever finding someone who is 100% A-OK in your book.

I won't forget that either

I won't forget that either but his betrayal of his dad indicates that Rand has serious character problems. Hence, I won't trust him with my hard-earned, and scarce, financial resources. If you want to do otherwise, of course, that is your right but be prepared for the worst. He could do the same thing to you that he did to Ron!