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Vote Fraud underway in Michigan?

Not good..... I'm sickened that these cheaters can keep getting away with this stuff. How do we put a stop to it?

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"Voter #1 Genoa Township, Michigan Precinct 3. Voting problems?

Posted January 15th, 2008

First observation...

I was the first voter, I circled in Ron Paul and put my ballot into the machine. Spit it right back out and said INVALID BALLOT.

Second guy gives it a shot. INVALID BALLOT.

I begin argueing with the lady running the precinct about computer voting and people voting. This lady actually says in a room full of people that Computers are better at counting ballots than people, cause people make mistakes. who makes computers?

So to finish it up, she calls the township. she says I can keep my ballot in a secret compartment and they will put it through later once its fixed.

So they call her back. She gets off the phone. She says the manufacturer says there is a problem with a memory card. Someone from the manufacturer will be there with a new memory card soon.

Holy hell, it doesn't help that I just watched a damn documentary about DIEBOLD and MEMORY CARDS.

I immediately left and drive to the township office to voice my complaints. They must still be sleeping."

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People you must watch these and you will know that this person just called them on fraud:


This is why the recount is SO important!! This is going to happen all throughout the election and into further elections. The very Republic is at stake here!!

We should move to abolish all forms of electronic voting and go strictly paper with more than one party to count. We the People should be one of those parties, if that is what it takes.

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.