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Does Sandy Give Obama an Advantage ?

Chris Christie praised the President. Question - Does Obama get an Eastern Seaboard bump?:

At a news conference, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) spoke of homes knocked off foundations and amusement-park rides rammed into the sea. “The level of devastation on the Jersey Shore is unthinkable,” he said.

"The president has been all over this, he deserves great credit.... He gave me his number at the White House, told me to call if I needed anything, and he absolutely means it,” he said. “It's been very good working with the president, and his administration has been coordinating with us great."


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Only if this country is populated by brain dead morons.

Uh. I guess so.

Definitely gives him an

Definitely gives him an advantage.

Apparently FEMA was not its usual clusterf$@$

Christie is probably just grateful that, on that count, Barack Obama is not George W. Bush.

Also look for a quick

Also look for a quick campaign ad with Obama's sleeves rolled up or serving soup or stacking a sand bag. Though it may backfire for taking advantage of the situation.

Southern Agrarian

Gets free news cycle for a week

The President gets to be on the news on the front line for a week being "attentive". No ads required, it is all implied and "Presidential".

If I were his strategist I'd being going for a homer over center field and into the stands.

Christie has already blubbered all over the press, that will get a ton of playtime. Someone should stuff a jelly doughnut in the Governor's mouth.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

"...he gave me his

"...he gave me his number"

What are you going to do Christie? Call him at night to tell you everything is okay?

Southern Agrarian

It's a good chance to look

presidential. I think also a lot of people think back to Katrina and how badly bush did so this gives Obama the chance to contrast things. Also after Benghazi he needed to take charge of something. It also means Mitt can't attack so vehemently or he'll look like he's putting politics before the country.

So yeah I think it does help Obama.

[I didn't actually read the article so sorry if I've just repeated it:D]

Article just states facts

Was reading it because of family on East Coast, power outages, damages, etc.. Then I come across the quote from Christie mid-way through the article.

It dawned on me: Romney has no power to spin this like you say, he is not in the driver seat. Only the President can provide Federal Relief, etc... and it could be the last thing people from Florida to Maine remember when they go to the polls in 7 days.

I'm not pro-Obama but made me think how unpredictable events can influence an election.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I don't think Christie is a big Mitt fan either.

imho Mitt leaves most republicans cold. Remember too that the east coast is pretty much nailed down dem so christie saying a dem done good helps him and his non-partisan image and broad appeal.

What makes me laugh is how politicians attack each other for playing politics when the very act of accusing someone of playing politics is...

playing politics.

With Benghazi mitt basically caught an interception then ran the wrong way.

(Incidentally until quite recently I thought christian scientists were scientists who happened to be christian :shameonme:)