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The r3volution and an Independent meets Occupy!

Christina Tobin of Free and Equal Elections Foundation along with myself, a long time Daily Pauler, are being interviewed by Occupy Radio in this podcast - We have more in common than separates us!


Remember, Remember the 5th of November! http://freeandequal.org/events/

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rough cut, unedited (ATM)

Podcast" "From the Third Party Debate" - The r3volution and an Independent meets Occupy! from james's blog
OccupyInterview's pre-debate coverage with King's co-moderatorChristina Tobin  of freeandequal.org president and chief executive officer of Free and Equal, Inc. and Zak Carter, Communications Manger.

Thank you!

This is one even I'm going to go back and listen to, and I was there!:)

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