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Who is controlling the recount in NH

Can someone explain to me how that recount will actually work? Is it the Kucinich and our people recounting the votes?
If we already pay all that money it should be.
If the same NH state officials recount the vote how do we know that they will not cheat a second time? Are there at least lawyers present at the recount from the people who finance the recount?
Thank you for explaining this issue to me because I am really worried.

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Thank you for this.

That's great. Just the beginning.

Hand recount

by state officials/NHSOS. I would assume interested and/or independent parties would be present at the recount.

CONCORD, N.H. -- The New Hampshire secretary of state will conduct hand recounts of Tuesday's Democratic and Republican primaries, reported Manchester, N.H., TV station WMUR.
Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich and lesser-known Republican Albert Howard asked for the primary recounts.
Kucinich, who received 1.4 percent of the New Hampshire primary vote said that he is asking for the recount because of what he says are unexplained disparities between hand-counted ballots and machine-counted ballots and rumors online of counting errors.

Not yet

We're almost there ,about 4k to go .

the money seems to be already sufficient another post said

these chip in's are confusing if they are limited for such a short time

oliver robert ike



oliver robert ike