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Wall Street Journal Story On $43T Bankster Lawsuit Is Back Up!

Get screenshots now while you can:


I just pieced together one large gif image of the story on WSJ - now on it's way to over 200 people. If you want a copy of it add "vinceableworld" to your skype.

Thanks suzy4ron for the link to the full lawsuit.

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I could have easily bought a house back then. But I paid attention to people who warned against it and I was following the market with the very little education I had. I studied to become a real estate agent to learn more about purchasing a home but never took the test. The field I am in tracks almost identically with the banks and it was easy to see.

I saw the bubble happening. It was my one time chance to easily purchase a home. I think it cost me some 300 dollars to learn enough about the industry to know it would have been a mistake. I could have bought one and still be making payments but I could easily see my demise and I did lose my job, but got another one 2 months later.

It should have been visible to anybody that they may not be able to afford their ARM's and mortgages in the future with the gigantic bubble forming. I know people may not like my opinion and many bought into the system but education is key before making a huge investment like a home.

My condolences to anyone who bought into it, and I support this suit to a degree, but a few people I know who I warned not to do it did so, and ended up upside down or without a job and lost their homes. I told them it was a sham. A former employee I begged not to spend 600K on a home who made less than 60K ignored my advice and lost everything including his job when the company I worked for declared bankruptcy. I showed him I made more money than him and that the bubble was going to burst and that I wouldn't do it personally.

Another bubble is starting here in the Silicon Valley for the last year (Tech Boom.) This bubble I believe will be bigger than the last. Once the bubble pops, I may buy a home, or better yet property (although that pop may result in less loss in value.)

I think lending has been tightened and people are becoming more competitive but I still think these jobs here will be outsourced, property values plummet, and a burst will occur as a result. There's just way too much building going on near Google and Yahoo and all the other Tech giants. I saw it coming 2 1/2 or 3 years ago. There's tons of places nearby who simply don't call back if asked about buying a home in some areas.

I'm not very well educated in economics, but I do have some sense of living in the real world. The "banksters" did in fact defraud trillions of dollars. But people willingly signed up and it was at least obvious to me it wasn't a great idea. Maybe I'm missing the whole point.

Maybe where I live it's more obvious that it was a scam. But it just seemed devastatingly clear to me from common sense not to purchase a home. Besides that property is way more valuable and stable than one of the "touch your neighbor from out the window" almost a million dollar "homes". If you don't like your neighbor you are screwed. My rental property is more secure.

To me the lawsuit will be viewed as frivolous, and I hope it won't, but it looks like a publicity stunt (250 years - come on - vs 43 trillion is worthy of a laugh, but unfortunately it's not.) But publicity in this case is good, no matter the outcome.

I may never have the cash for a 20% (that's what I would put down) and an affordable house payment, but (un)luckily my parents will some day die and I will inherit their property. Should they ever need cash to cover payments while they are alive I will cover them.

I noticed a phonetic error within the first 20 pages. It may be wise before producing a 43 trillion dollar lawsuit to have people proof read the document.

For goodness sakes before entering into a half million dollar contract one should fully understand what it entails and consider the terms and consequences of entering into said contract and understand the banksters are the enemy.

An ARM is literally a bubble. Think about it.

Maybe I'm a freak but I've never used credit, at all.

I understand credit is a necessary evil for many people, but it's not something I want badly at all. Money is indeed the root of all evil, and the devil is in the details.


Am reminded of David and Goliath.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

I wasn't aware that it ever went down as it was the I link used

when it was first posted here on the 26th and it is the same as your link.
I think if an article is scrubbed usually if it is reposted it will have a different URL which is not the case here.


The DP posting filter needs to be fixed.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

For about a day and a half

it was being redirected to a page that said "we are experiencing technical difficulties."

Site was probably overloaded

with hits hopefully. At least it hasn't gotten a DDOS attack yet from black ops or they haven't snuffed anyone's kids there. Bastards that show no mercy deserve none.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

This is the most important story

thus far in the history of mankind... can someone please add this link and also the video here to Sue4TheBillofRights's post and get it on the front page?

Sue has done an excellent job reporting this news.

I hope you are right

Between this, the nonsense about Germany's gold, the very convenient "superstorm" that may postpone the election.... (I'm betting on a 12-21-12 election day... lol!)
It walks like a black swan, it honks like a black swan....
Interesting time to be alive.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Any link to the article on the WSJ site or no? The article itself has been on other sites for the past several days


Is evidently part of the Wall Street Journal. Look at the logo in the top left corner of the page. I found the law group that is making all the claims here:


I imagine if they case will dissolve. But....who knows.

My bad

Ah, my bad! Didn't realize that