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Racism is a huge issue

The biggest "lightswitch" that has turned on for me recently post- RP Revolution is that racism is not just a liberal smear tactic used against opponents. It is at the root of so much of the apathy and vitriol that is against us. For example

1. Liberals turning the other way when Arabs are butchered while crying rivers over "acceptable" minority issues.
2. The "divide and conquer" tactics used by Faux News/Drudge at making this election seem like a race issue.
3. Similar tactics used by the left in neutering criticism of Obama.
4. Neocons criticizing Obama as a "muslim lover" because he hasnt killed enough of them.
5. The vitriol of racist Republican voters against Obama for continuing Bush policies
6. The bloodlust and dehumanization of neocon voters towards Arabs.
7. Liberal bloodlust when "their guy" is in power towards white males and even Arabs.

I just want to say that I was proud of myself for watching Cloud Atlas and not writing the whole thing off as some race-obsessive movie just because it addressed issues of race-mixing and discrimination. I've actually found such issues as very compelling given the realization that racism is nothing more than collectivist ideology for the lowest of the lower classes.

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It's like a false flag...

a problem that isn't.

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