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9 scenarios and all lead to stock plunge

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

“Is the U.S. Condemned by History to Slow Growth?” asks Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Yes. But for traders and investors, it’s far worse than just bearish slow growth. Plan for no growth or zero growth.

Why? Wall Street, America and the world economy are in the early stages of a long era of “de-growth,” a reversal of economic growth and reduction in market growth as population growth adds new stresses on commodities resources, creates unrest, disasters and wars. Big problems ahead.

Please listen: Earnings growth is in a long slowdown in all of the following nine scenarios. Economy down. Earnings down. Stocks down. Trading down. Focus on the long term, on history, look past the noise about elections and fiscal cliffs.

Why? This is an economic “perfect storm.” All nine scenarios end in bad news for all markets, spell danger for your future income, your family’s security. Start planning now.

C o n t i n u e a t M a r k e t W a t c h

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This is a load of hooey

Control the climate, kill off most people on Earth. It is a bunch of baloney.

How about writing an article on how humanity might transend current limitations? A lot of potential innovation is currently hampered by regulations designed to protect entrenched corporations using old technology. Economic growth is hampered worldwide by central banks and government spending. How many people would invest in businesses if their wealth wasn't confiscated through an entrenched scheme that benefits the 0.1% wealthiest people on earth?

There is no reason for us to be limited to preindustrial growth. The potential is there to do much better. It just requires giving people freedom and the incentive to innovate by allowing them to keep the fruits of their labor. It is frustrating that we know from history what works, yet we keep making the same mistakes of the past.

Save The Earth, Kill

Save The Earth, Kill Yourself!