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Killing Off High Frequency Trading with Taxation (because Regulations / Fines / Courts Don't Work)

It's what's for dinner... the Financial Transaction Tax.
Lee Shepard explains to Max Keiser

It's coming and this is how it's going to be 'sold' to us (imo).
Will this stop 'them'?
I doubt it.
But it will bleed more revenue out of us.
You can be sure.

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Another bandaid for the belly wound that is the FED Reserve.

End the Fed the problem goes away.

Free includes debt-free!

The European Commission

has now launched plans with 10 member states
to impose the new 'Robin Hood (transaction) Tax' to battle the debt crisis (uh-huh)

The 10 countries include France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
The nations want to push ahead with the tax after failing to win support from all members of the European Union.