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Here is a opportunity for us to help a Liberty candidate. Ron Paul supporter attacked by opponent/SD democratic party

South Dakota state House candidate Dan Kaiser was attacked by the SD Democratic Party today via mailer postcards. Check it out for your self here is a link to a website with an arcticle on the attack. Please scroll down to the arcticle entitled, kind of a stretch even for the dems.
Please check out the arcticle and then visit Dan Kaiser's website at www.kaiserforhouse.com.
And if at all possible please make a donation.
Dan Kaiser was a State delegate for Ron Paul in both 2008 and 2012. And will be an advocate liberty and the constitution when elected.

P.S Dan is currently 1% ahead of his opponent in the latest poll

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Thank you everyone we have

Thank you everyone we have raised about $825 since yesterday.


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Where is the violence?

I don't see any violence. You're a hyperbolic liar.

Sorry I have removed the word

Sorry I have removed the word violent.

Grow a vocabulary, Drew

Sending out postcards does not constitute a "violent attack." Maybe "vicious", maybe "virulent," but verbiage is not "violent."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Thank you everyone lets bump

Thank you everyone lets bump this all the way to the front page!

Bump for Dan Kasier




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Thank you

Thank you

Thanks to all the help of the

Thanks to all the help of the liberty community Dan Kaiser has raised almost $500 today please help continue by helping us reach our goal of $1000

Please help me to keep this

Please help me to keep this thread bumped to increase discussion

Bump for Dan Kaiser

Bump for Dan Kaiser