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The Strategy for Winning California for Ron Paul is deceptively simple and fraught with Human frailties.

Every voter in California, who is not voting for Obama, WILL benefit by casting a write-in vote for Ron Paul. NOW IS the Perfect Political Storm.

IT IS TRUE, based on information from the SOS regarding registered voters.

September 7, 2012, for the November 6, 2012, General Election

Republican = 30.1%

No Party Preference = 20.3%

Other = 5.3%

Democrat = 43.3%

Paul = 56.7% vs. Obama = 43.3%

Anyone who says that California is NOT a BATTLEGROUND STATE totally misses the point of our effort to get a Ron Paul WIN in California. In the Cause of Freedom and Liberty, EVERY STATE IS A BATTLEGROUND STATE.

The Presidential election IS decided by PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS from 50 different states. Voters, in California, can focus only on collectively winning California’s 55 Electoral Votes for Ron Paul. Separately, the political clout of 57% of registered California voters is rendered IMPOTENT by the other 43%. In other words 2.5 Million potential votes are rendered TOTALLY USELESS because of the pettiness and distractions of personal agendas. These voters are the people who will stay home and NOT VOTE…and THAT is a wasted vote.

ALL ideological, philosophical, emotional and egoistical issues are mere distractions at this point in the campaign process. These distractions MUST be put aside. NOW!….AND FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS.


Obama wins 2012 Election
2016 Presidential Election = Political Free-for-all…..

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