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Anyone talk to grannies? Whats happening now at 2:10 eastern?

just wanted to know the latest word from NH about money, bank, recount?

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Somebody enlighten me........

Is the vote re-count for the GOP, or Democrats, or Both.......and are the hand count precincts going to be counted, or just the dubious Diebol precincts? How long will the process take? How can they verify the Diebol count? Can't the recount be just as easily manipulated? What happens if the count comes out to be totally off from the official report?

alan laney

I think this article can help.

N.H. Secretary of State gives candidates estimate of re-count cost.

It's from the Boston Herald. It's really more about Dennis Kucinich and Albert Howard than Ron Paul, but I found the information useful.

Support the Jan. 21 Money Bomb!!! Let's beat the record-- AGAIN!

When you talk to the Grannies

don't report it back here, because they call you a troll for trying to help.

That's because you are a troll

You spent time arguing and trying to stop people from chipping in with the grannies claiming special knowledge that they were fully funded when their site claimed otherwise. They were not and had to dig into their own pockets to make the differrence.

You are a troll and that's the way it is scumbag. I will be here for you...watching and waiting to thwart you... you jerk off.

Can't get through to contribute

The problem appears to be at PayPal. I have tried twenty times since yesterday. All of the info was correct and properly imputed. The last time I tried a banner came up on the screen saying that this site is presently unavailable. My guess or hope is that they are experiencing a very high volume of traffic. I'll keep trying though.

Grannies Have Enough Money

They sent in the money and all the fees have been paid to get the recount started! I just got off the phone with one of the grannies.


Hey, when will we know the results?



Glad to hear that the granny warriors were able to raise the funds. I contributed on the very first day and never regretted it. It is a matter of principal and even though the corruption will continue, at least they know we are watching.
Proud to be a granny! I have five grandkids and I will fight for them with every breath I have.


Yeee Ha!

What a relief. Good job, Grannies!

We will see in time, time tells all.

I wanna see this on the News Tonight :)

We will see in time, time tells all.

Great News, I can sleep good tonight

I was one of those that never could get through to donate. I'll instead send the $100 to Doctor Paul.

A special THANK YOU and Hats-Off to all of you that made this thing happen.

Can anyone get through ?

828-683-2009 or 409-673-4891