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What brought you in?

Before 2011, I didn't trust hardly anything about the govt or from authority groups, particularly any medical or scientific conclusions. I knew I paid too many taxes, had to abide by too many laws, and that I was constantly exposed to manipulation from media. Basically I didn't trust hardly anyone or anything. Everything just seemed so deceptive, backwards and ignorant.

After RP announced his candidacy for the Republican party in 2011, I started listening to him and liked him right away because he validated the overwhelming deception and ignorance that I sensed. I had never seen that kind of wide acknowledgement before from a public figure.

Maybe if others briefly share their experiences it will help with understanding how to bring more people into the movement.

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Oddly enough, the "life" issue selaed it for me

I finally did as the poster on the street lamp requested, and googled "Ron Paul." I liked what I saw - everything I saw. But I wanted no part of pushing my moral or healthcare sensibilities on others, so I called to ask where this Republican stood on abortion. I was told that Dr. Paul feels it is a STATE issue, that he favors overturning Roe v Wade on the grounds that it is Federal over reach. Thus I found my "common ground" with a man whose opinion on this topic I am 180 degrees from.

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For me it was the income

tax system. Around 1998 I came across Irwin Schiff's material...completely by chance. It sounded incredulous to me at first, but the more I studied and looked into it, the more I realized that he was right. The 16th Amendment did not do what the feds claimed it did (allow for direct taxation on a persons wages without apportionment) and that the Constitutional meaning of income was different than what they were saying it meant (actually is more of a profit on corporate earnings). I was shocked that they could be disregarding the Constitution to the extent that they were and that just opened the door to revelation after revelation of how corrupt our government had become and how much the rule of law had been eroded. I thought if they could lie about this, how could they be trusted about anything, and I have found out over time that they can't. Just about everything they do today (feds) is far beyond any authority granted to them in the Constitution. They are in effect, an outlaw government...little more than an organized crime syndicate.


I was fed up with the foster care system. I started looking into why its so broken. I came across a Ron Paul video. I watched the whole thing and though to myself. What kind of politician is this? Telling me things that are true, wether good or bad. I started spending a couple min. a day reading articles that came up when I typed Ron Paul in google search. then I found the daily Paul. my few min a day has turned into a " whenever I have a free second", I am typing this from the bathroom at my job. LOL. my craving for knowledge has become a need and the more I understand the better I cam explain to others who are clueless. I e started talking with my clients about the issues, trying to explain things that are relevent to them. the daily paul has changed my life unlike anything else.

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