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My upcoming predictions. I'm happy to tell you that I've figured it all out.

So, here is the scenario's as I see them.

Obama is going to win next Tuesday.

Romney is going to cry tears, but later tell you that they were in fact fake tears to continue with his campaign of flip-flopping on emotions. He will go on to write books, and hold rallies at local Staples shopping centers to crowds of less than 10 people... that just so happened to need a refill on their ink cartridge.

Ron Paul will win the state of Maine as a Write-In candidate. He will garnish 5% of the national vote as a Write-In candidate... whether all counted or not.

Reince Priebus & John Boehner will move to another country to avoid the embarrasment of losing even after cheating at the RNC, yet they'll blame their moving on Obama. They will need additional tissue to cry over realizing that it turns out that the people of Maine aren't lying when they say that as Maine goes, so goes the country.

The GOP Establishment will fall flat on their ugly smug cheating faces, and admit that their foolish ways are over after humiliating defeats in 2008 & 2012.

Gary Johnson will celebrate winning 4% of the national vote (Waaait for it).

Fox News reporters, Glenn Beck, & Rush will know that the reason why their precious GOP establishment candidate lost, was due to the fact that they shunned Ron Paul. They will blame Paulbots, rather than themselves, yet continue to make money off of talking smack about Obama.

Bill O'Reilly will retire after getting it wrong twice (in 2008 & 2012), and people will go back to watching Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy again like real Americans used to do. He wants to retire anyway.

Obama will commit an impeachable offense. He will get impeached and Biden will become President. Biden will get impeached just because he became President. Boehner would be next in line, but he denounced his U.S. citizenship... Remember?

Mass confusion in the government happens. They call the Supreme Court. They ask...

Breyer - "Well, what is that Ron Paul guy doing these days?"

Thomas - "Oh, I think he's mostly retired, but doing work for LPAC and a few speeches at colleges with thousands of people attending."

Alito - "Do the people like him?"

Ginsburg - "Like him? They love him."

Roberts - "Alright, let's make him President, and that nice fellow Napolitano his VP."

Kagan - "Sounds good."

Sotomayor - "Oh, don't forget we need a new Speaker of the House since Boehner is no longer here."

Scalia - "Well, how about that Libertarian fellow, Gary Johnson?"

Kennedy - "Sounds good to me."

Roberts - "It's a deal, and while we're at it, the Libertarians are going to get to debate in future elections."


Well, at least I still have the liberty to dream up something like this... for now. :)

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Denise B's picture

And don't forget

the part where the full Congress calls an emergency session to deal with the crisis and an extremely large meteor strikes the capital building shortly after their session begins leveling the entire building....luckily Rand Paul, who was giving Justin Amash a ride, got a flat on the way there and was unable to make the session...:)

Ah...Then you woke up:

And the dream was over.

Everyone dares to dream once in a while.

Ron Paul has been my president, and still is.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

tasmlab's picture

Crossing the Rubicon

I'm guess somewhere around where Obama is getting impeached that the main general of the military will step in for our security.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Ben Swann to replace

O'Wrinkly after he retires

Judge Nap for O'Reilly's show

With your "prediction" that Bill O'Reilly wants to retire, let's move forward with that and have Judge Napolitano take his place.


And the Astros are chased out

And the Astros are chased out of Houston to San Antonio because no one likes them.

Southern Agrarian

What - You couldn't have me winning the PowerBall Lottery?

I would have given you a (small) percent.

Dr. Ron Paul supports personhood.

As dictated by the U.S. Constitution, the presidential election is turned over to the House of Representatives if no one wins the electoral majority. The 12th Amendment states that if no electoral majority is won, only the three candidates who receive the most popular votes will be considered in the House.
For this reason if is imperative that people write in Dr. Ron Paul.

Oh, I know, but

it just sounded cool to get the Supreme Court involved. My dream, my rules. :-)

However, if all works out, whatever percentage of that lottery I help win that I collect, I will buy the Astros, send them to Wyoming, and share the rest of my percentage with everyone here on the DP. After taxes, I will have to of course declare bankruptcy though, so it turns out that the only stimulus package any of you will be receiving was false hope & no change. :)