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Ben Swann Reality Check: Is the FBI making us safer breaking up terror plots? 11/1/12

(FOX19) -Headlines were made by the FBI just a few weeks ago when they thwarted an attempted terror attack on the New York Federal Reserve.

Ben is investigates the part of these FBI stings you haven't heard about, how the arrests are made and whether we are really safer as a result.

Video below:

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bump for truth

Other reporters/journalists could take some lessons from Ben Swann.

looks to me like they are

looks to me like they are trying to silence Ben Swann. Videos taken off youtube and placed on the TV station website. The video was choppy for me, and I had to click several links before finding it.

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How could she convict them, then?

Let alone give them a 25 year sentence! That is criminal. I feel so very sorry for those people.

How awful, and how it has ruined their lives. 25 year sentences should be given to our criminal politicians and others who have perpetrated great crimes of theft and great crimes against humanity....but not this.


I know law enforcement, and this is NOT what law enforcement is. It's what a "sting" and a "set-up" is in a nefarious setting, because a "sting" operation should only occur if there is ample evidence a person is guilty and has intent. Instead of that happening, the FBI or whoever encouraged these people to look at a potential situation. They never committed anything or did anything wrong. I am shocked.

So let me get this right

the judge knew the circumstances were a product of government but still gave them each 25 years in prison?

our criminal justice system is starting to freak me out.

the exclusionary rule is on its last leg, and when that defense instrument goes there will be nothing stopping police from going into houses they think may have evidence despite no investigation....

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Government-created crimes "beyond question"

The judge quoted at the end of Ben's piece summed it up well. How many of these terror threats would not have likely happened without the FBI's direct involvement and assistance?

They find the patsies, or potential perps, fund them, supply them with fake explosives; or in the case of the '93 WTC bombing, the FBI even supplied the real bomb, refusing to switch to the fake.

"On another tape,(that Salem secretly recorded to protect himself), Salem asked an FBI agent, “Do you deny your supervisor is the main reason of bombing the World Trade Center?” The agent did not deny Salem’s charge. Shortly after the bombing FBI agent Nancy Floyd confided to Salem that her supervisors had botched the case:"..."Before the bombing, he offered to do a switcheroo on the bombers, substituting a harmless powder for the deadly explosives and thereby preventing any potential catastrophe. The FBI spurned his offer."


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It's becoming

apparent that unless an enforcement agency orchestrates/conducts a situation, that none of them can stop diddly-squat.

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That's the mo

That was the mo for the first WTC bombing.

That was the mo for the Oklahoma City bombing.

and yes that is from Alex Jones show so some people will automatically think it's bs but if you listen to what I've linked to, an interview with Jesse Trentadue, it is he who is telling the story. He simply investigated the OKC bombing because his brother was mistaken as John Doe #2 and killed by the arresting police.

But of course nothing like that went on with 9/11, if you believe something like that could have went on you're just crazy and hurtful to the Liberty movement.