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Romney Campaign bought 5k worth of goods to give to supporters to give back to him for "relief" effort.


his team stocked their donation tables with $5,000 worth of supplies at Walmart. The props were things like granola bars, canned food, and diapers which were strategically placed to make sure that the photographs taken at Romney's "Storm Relief" campaign didn't a show very un-busy, un-stocked relief table.

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Ahhh Yes :

There's no Business Llke "Snow" Business.

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This shouldn't be our focus

There are plenty of things to criticize about Romney from a libertarian perspective. I think when we take our cues from liberals on a minor issue like this, we end up looking just as stupid as the left.

This is the kind of thing that Daily Kos people gloat about.

You didn't include the actual photo - so here it is.


Notice in the second one - where Romney is apparently dancing like a trained bear on a podium - that someone is holding up the familiar yellow "Don't tread on me" sign most often associated with Ron Paul and the Liberty movement?


She isn't smiling either.

She isn't smiling either.

Southern Agrarian

Has about the same effect as

Has about the same effect as Obama showing up to "survey the damage" and "offer hope"

Southern Agrarian

Donations are tough for Mittsters

they haven't done their own shopping in so long, they wouldn't know what to buy.


granola bars, canned food...

Why no subs!?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul