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The American Lands Council - A way to take back our Federal lands

The American Lands Council offer a Constitutional solution to a good many land issue problems in the western states. Ken Ivory is a State Representative from Utah who has helped sponsor their State's bill HB 148 to demand the feds return Utah lands back to their State as promised in their Enabling Acts. Ken Ivory has the goods on this action with a full historical perspective. This video is well worth watching.


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Here is a lecture by the chairperson

who was a senator from UT I believe.


The argument about the Bundy Ranch is part of the argument that the federal government does not own that land and should have given it back to the states already.

Giving this a bump

The American Lands Council is a group that has been the most successful in taking on the BLM. They have assisted in opening up closed roads here in Colorado and we now have politicians and county commissioners running with a platform of returning lands from the federal government back to the state of Colorado.