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11 Year Old Girl Supplies Power to Sandy Victims, Donates Proceeds to Red Cross

There is no doubt that super storm Sandy has been one of the most destructive storms in the past century. Just in property damage alone it is estimated that the cost will run north of 20 billion dollars. The storm has also claimed dozens of lives and impacted millions who will struggle in dealing with the effects of the devastation on their lives as rebuilding carries on for years. During times of tragedy it is easy to become depressed as cable news bombards the airways with stories of despair and hopelessness. That is why it is so refreshing when stories that are truly inspiring claim some air time.

Most Americans endorse the thought process that without assistance from the federal government food, shelter, water, and power would never make it to those in need. Sometimes a simple act of kindness can go a long way towards supplying a community with a service that meets demand. A great example is provided by a 11 year old girl in Hoboken New Jersey that had the innovative idea to open up an internet café after she realized that her family was one of the few in the area lucky enough to have power. Genuine acts of charity, like this one by Lucy Walkowiak, should be enough to make the most dedicated statist notice the benefits the free market supplies during disaster relief.

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But only government is benevolent

so say the statists. Apparently there is kindness and charity outside of the Federal force.

I would expect some communist bastard pretty soon

to try to shut her operation down. She likely doesn't have official government permission even to give away coffee and electricity. There's public safety and health to think about you know. Is she following all of the state health code? Has she had a fire marshal inspect the joint yet? Just wait, this parade is a bout to be pissed on by some "do-gooder."

They'll Get Around to It

I think the state authorities are busy hunting down "price gougers" right now. Perhaps they're also keeping an eye out for Fed EPA officials; concerned they may try to classify the whole state as a wetland and take over the place.

Well, at least NY so far is demanding teh Feds pay 100% of the

recovery cost 'cause the State is too busy running up debt doing things it is not supposed to be doing.

That would be quite an irony to use their beloved EPA to seize large swaths of the State and make everyone relocate.

HA! I could just see it now on TV - "New York declared a federally protected wetland because it had more than 1/2" of standing water on it for 24 hours. Entire city of Gotham to be demolished and returned to its natural pristine condition. Film at 11."

Price Gouging

These commies in power probably don't even understand market pricing of milk when comparing the price at a convenience store or gas station rather than at a grocery store.
I live in Pittsburgh PA and the storm caused little damage here, but on Monday night I went to 6 different stores to try to find D batteries for my electric latern, in case the power went out. I gladly would have paid doubt to get the batteries, but no place had them in stock. That show poor inventory management in my opinion.

Estimate run as high as 50B... so big deal, that's nothing...

Estimate run as high as 50B! So big deal, that's nothing, just ask 'the Bernanke'! He is handing out that much in counterfeit paper, each and every month, to his banker friends and foreign banks and governments who have practice their failing fraudulent socialized corruption for decades!

Instead of transferring our wealth by counterfeiting and the distribution effect, to the governments and their politically connected companies, 'the Bernanke' can just plunk one month's worth of the QE4 over to the doorsteps of the individual citizens who were hit hard by 'Sandra'!

Who but the people would notice. Then again, another month would finish off most mortgage debt. Or maybe two months. Ah, but that would be inflationary. No problem, the IRS wealth-vacuum cleaner is taking care of over spending! Since Americans are forced to accept FRNs for their earning from their labor, congress considers anything they keep to be a budget item anyway. So, shutting down more deductions reduces the budget and prevents inflation from running away too fast... at least until the PTB (read, friends of the FED) get their pound of commodities stashed away!

But I digress.


That government goons didn't march up and tell her she had to have a permit


Give them time....they aren't always so quick dem gunvernment

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Teaching kids NOW about the right way to be.. to support their neighbors and community instead of standing aside helps them grow up into the kind of people you need in a community.. it takes a village to raise a family but it all starts in the home

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I agree

with everything you said, except that it take a village to raise a family. That's some Hillary Clinton progressive preaching. It doesn't take a village, it takes a parent(s) that understand liberty and teach their children. It is the ideas that help the community, not the reverse.

I agree...

I guess what I meant was... growing up when I did and living in what was basically "country" we didn't just have our parents we had each other's parents too. In that sense we had a "village" that was about 5 square miles of people who knew us on sight and cared about us. It's the "caring" that makes it work.

When one family's house burned down to the ground the next day they had more clothes and kitchen stuff and toys and every kind of thing to make a home available to them. They had a big storage shed that they made into a temporary home and I can still see the huge piles of clothes and stuff. It looked like a great big church garage sale. A village did that.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Great story

But can this 11 year old girl BUILD ROADS????

I kid of course, but I expect responses like this to come from market hating statists in reaction to this post. If they ever read it (unlikely)

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*