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Dear Sandra... estimates are running as high as 50 Billion... so big deal, that's nothing.

Estimates run as high as 50B in damage following Hurricane/Tropical-Storm/post-Tropical Storm/Super-Storm/Big-Storm... Sandy.

So big deal, that's nothing, just ask 'the Bernanke'! He is handing out that much in counterfeit paper, each and every month, to his banker friends, to foreign banks, to foreign governments... who have practiced their failing fraudulent socialized corruption for decades!

Instead of transferring our wealth by counterfeiting and its offspring, the distribution effect, to the governments and their politically connected companies, 'the Bernanke' could just as quietly plunk one month's worth of the QE4 over on the doorsteps of the individual citizens who were hit hard by 'Sandra'!

Who would notice.

Then again, another months worth might finish off most mortgage debt. Or maybe two months.

Ah, but that would be inflationary. But that is no problem. The IRS wealth-vacuum cleaner is taking care of over spending!

Since Americans are forced to accept FRNs for their earning from their labor, congress considers anything they keep to be a budget item anyway. So, shutting down more deductions reduces the budget and prevents inflation from running away too fast... at least until the PTB (read, friends of the FED) get their pound of commodities stashed away!

But I digress.

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Like Pigs lining up at the Feds feed Trough

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