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Help Out Hurricane Victims

I know that DP people are some of the most generous people in the country. I have experienced your generosity firsthand when I needed help getting to the Michigan State Convention, and I have also been able to reciprocate in helping others. I am sure many of you are donating to help those in need after Hurricane Sandy, but I would ask you to consider helping where your donation can be maximized for a larger benefit.

Nuskin has a division of their corporation that is dedicated to feeding hungry people around the world in partnership with the charity Feed the Children. After the hurricane struck the East Coast, Nuskin contacted Feed the Children to identify specific needs and areas where they could provide food and hygiene supplies to be handed out at emergency shelters. They will be providing a cash donation along with VitaMeal, Body Bars, and hand sanitizer. The VitaMeal will be prepared and served at community shelters in the affected areas.

****I had to pull the links because the matching was only for distributor orders. I apologize for the misinformation.******

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