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Daily Paul Poll - Who are you voting for?

Please state the candidate you're voting for as the subject and your explanation as the comment. Your choices are:

    • Ron Paul (Write-in)
    • Gary Johnson
    • Jill Stein
    • Virgil Goode
    • Rocky Anderson
    • Other
    • Obamney

    Please note that if you are voting for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, your vote will only count with the vote "Obamney" or else it will mysteriously disappear in our voting process. You can explain why you're voting for a dictator in your comment.

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    I voted for Liberty, GJ

    Because a write-in vote for Ron Paul dosen't count in FL.

    "A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
    A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

    I voted for Jesus.

    I voted for Jesus.

    Although he can't win any electoral votes, writing-in my vote for anyone else would be a violation of principle because Jesus is without fault.

    See what I did there?

    I am writing in

    Ron Paul, even if the only thing it counts for is my own satisfaction in voting for my hero.

    The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
    -Thomas Paine

    didn't you vote for

    didn't you vote for him in your primary? isn't that enough? besides, that all he asked of us, he didn't want this movement to be about him.

    Gary Johnson

    I remember Ron Paul INSISTING that it wasn't his movement.

    When people tried to label us "paulbots" and him certain things, he always reminded the interviewers that the movement, the revolution, is not for one person or another but for the liberty of free people. Defending liberty is challenging because its human nature to want a leader, but liberty in itself takes power away from leaders and gives it to the individuals. How do you have a leader of a leaderless resistance? By electing people who want to reduce their own power and don't put any one on a pedestel, be critical of all.

    We all owe Ron Paul greatly as a messenger, a teacher, and an example of steadfast priciples in the face of adversity. Without him, I for one, would still be asleep. But the torch for this movement is now being held by Gary Johnson, so I will vote for Gary and liberty.

    Also, I would gamble that Ron Paul is not voting for himself.

    We owe him a great

    We owe him a great deal....

    except a vote for him.....

    I don't think Ron Paul would

    I don't think Ron Paul would want us to vote for him. If I'm reading Gary's literature correctly, 5% of the vote gets the Libertarian party equal exposure as the demopubs?

    Ron Paul is a libertarian, he changed to the Republicans because people were not yet awake to the meaning of the party and he could get more done with an R next to his name. I think he would want his first choice in party to get equal exposure.

    Gary Johnson may be flawed, but the libertarian Party platform, which can be found on their website, is very clear and consise and exactly as Ron Paul would have written it himself. To get this platform into the hands of average Americans is the next step in the movement.

    I understand your point of

    I understand your point of view, however, equal exposure is not going to happen.

    Besides a national name with money bags like Perot, name one other time a third party has gotten "equal" treatment.

    The debates are ran by a group created from Republican and Democratic parties.

    The Polls are ran by people with ties to the major parties.

    The media is controlled by people with ties to the parties.

    Social media has begun to feel the pressure to censor.

    If.....I mean.....IF GJ does get 5%....nothing will change.

    Im writing in Paul because of all the people who have physically suffered and lost in support of him.

    Im writing in Paul because he and those people deserve it.

    GJ has not earned the respect of the majority of Libertarians because he is a faker just riding the wave.

    I certainly respect your

    I certainly respect your decision, and was a writer-in-er myself until a couple of days ago. I'm not trying to change anyone here, just further explain my position.

    I know the CPD is a joke, but what if someone who wasn't afraid to say so had to be included? I know the polls and the media are completely bought and sold, but what if they were forced to give more exposure to the truths and treason we know about here from someone like GJ? RP's method was through the Republican party. I think there could also be inroad using the Libertarian party.

    In fact, the more points of attack in terms of exposure that our ideas have, the better. The combined impact of having strong RP write in votes and Gary Johnson votes would further solidify that our demands are only growing, not confined and shrinking.

    Can't write in Dr. Paul in Missouri

    Im Pro Life, so its Virgil Goode.

    Also voting GOP Akin rather than Nutjob Claire McCaskil for Senate.

    CP candidate for Lt. Governor

    Republican for Gov. and Sec. of State

    Various Repubs and Libertarians on local level

    Libertarians the rest statewide

    Glad to see you posted this.

    Glad to see you posted this. I have had a toss up between Virgil Goode and Ron Paul. I know Ron Paul is not a write in, but I want to write him in anyways, and this year for the first time I am voting with eyes wide open and feel just a little rebellious so I am going to write in Ron Paul and say "so there."

    But I did want to vote for Goode earlier on. I have been somewhat disuaded because he voted for the Patriot act and NDAA etc and is ok with the Federal Drug Wars.

    For some reason this year, since it is my first year to understand Liberty, I am having a difficult time writing in a compromise like I have for the last several years thinking I had to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated since we share the same state.

    The "Good Doctor" Ron Paul

    I like Gary Johnson too, but I can't grip my teeth and vote for him when I can't trust him in regards to his supposed "fiscal record", his lack of understanding of Monetary Policy, "We own the FED" and "Nobody committed any crimes [on Wall Street]", his changes in position on Foreign Policy (specifically Drones and troops in Uganda), and his CFR campaign manager Douglas Turner.

    My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
    I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
    How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

    I'm a multi-issues voter, but some issues are more important...

    ...than others and in my mind, the Pro-Life issue is most important because we are dealing with killing the upcoming generation (and guys, I am NOT talking about contraception here, despite what some want you to believe in regards to this issue. I am talking about killing a fully formed baby. That I can never condone.)

    For that reason, though I am disappointed by certain stances he has and certain things on his record, I believe that this gentleman is the closest to my views and is the best remaining Presidential candidate on the Pro-Life issue and that gentleman is...

    Former Congressman Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.

    I'm Free like a Willy! Happy Day! Oops thats a bit of a cliche!

    I support Goode too!

    Virgil Goode 2012!

    Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

    My protest vote goes to

    GJ but ONLY because SC does not allow write-in votes.

    ~Your perception becomes your reality~

    Gary Johnson

    He is the best candidate on the ballot in my state. I considered Writing in RP, or not voting, but I believe GJ will be the best way to register my protest.

    Doctor Paul

    When I said Ron Paul or no one at all, I meant it. I like Gary Johnson, but he worries me on state nullification.

    Gary Johnson

    I would vote for Ron Paul if write-ins were going to be counted here, but never-the-less ,GJ is a gigantic step in the right direction. I also believe RP will be very influencial in a GJ administration.

    votes for gj sure will be

    votes for gj sure will be counted correctly and fairly *rolling eyes*

    im writing in Paul anyway.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Wrote in Dr.Ron Paul and confirmed it with an affidavit.

    Gary Johnson

    because i want him to get 5% of the vote and his would have been my second choice after ron paul

    matthew miner

    Gary Johnson. As far as I

    Gary Johnson. As far as I know Ron Paul has done or said nothing to make me believe he is interested in being a write in candidate. If he has encouraged his supporters to write in his name I missed that video. If such a video exists please post it.

    Gary Johnson

    I live in Texas, Galveston to be exact, and since Ron Paul will not be on the list of write in candidates here, and since I refuse to vote for Obamney, then my vote will be going to Gary Johnson.
    I will be able to sleep with a sound conscience at night.

    I was going to write-in Ron Paul's name…

    But apparently the state of NC will only count that vote if said candidate has asked to be a write-in candidate and has paid a fee of $0. So Ron Paul could have been a write-in candidate in quite a few states for very little cost, but I do not believe that he has done that. So as of right now I do not know if I am going to vote for someone like Gary Johnson or simply not vote at all or to vote for Obama. Yes, I did say Obama. After seeing what the GOP and Willard Romney did to Ron Paul and to all of us…I really just want Romney to lose and to lose big time. I have never voted for a democrat in a presidential election before, but I'll be damned if I'll vote for that corrupt thief named Willard. And that is just how I feel.

    Larry in North Carolina
    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

    C_T_CZ's picture

    Gary Johnson

    To try to push Libertarian party to prime time. GOP sucks.

    rEVOLutionary Ads: It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

    I am in ohio

    will be voting GJ because I think he is the best candidate in the field that "is running". Also, I want to see the Libertarian Party reach 5% in hopes that a Libertarian will be in the debates in 2016. Iwant to defeat Rmoney.


    Johnson.....if ron paul would have still been in it i would have voted for him.

    voted straight ticket


    I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

    Ron Paul

    do i really have to explain?

    Was going to vote Johnson

    but Ive decided that we all will be better off with Romney when the Occutards start rioting again. I live in Ohio, and thats about the only reason Im voting Romney. Obama deserves to hurt after the last four years, and losing big time is about the only way an egomaniac of his league can trully "get it".

    heck, maybe Rand can get at least half of his budget passed into law. It still would be 50% more than what he would accomplish under Obama.