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Opportunity Knocks!

So much dreadful news and so many in need. Many are in need of income and I just wanted to share some ideas for those looking for some ideas.

There will be tremendous business opportunity in the Senior market with downsizing and in home care.

About a month ago I went to a garage sale and was talking to the lady running it, she gave me her card. Her business is Relocation Services For Seniors. She does it all Planning, Preparation, Packing, Moving and Resettling after the move. She was even running the garage sale for her client.

I thought this was a GREAT idea so many seniors would like to make a move but feel overwhelmed with it all, what a great idea.
Once a person got established, word of mouth would be their best advertising.

Another area worth considering are seniors who want to remain in their homes. Some years ago I helped a senior, taking her to Dr. appointments, cleaning her house, grocery shopping, etc.

My mom lived out of state and she wanted to remain at home, it would have been great if I could have hired someone to come check on my mom to make sure she took her pills and maybe took her a warm lunch.

Many seniors are unable to do yard work, their is a lady in town and the name of her business is "The Dirty Hoe". LOL She has a pickup truck with advertising on it and I see it everywhere. She does weeding, planting, mowing, etc, I would use her if I needed someone to help with the outdoors.

There is another business I see and they hold the garage sales for the owners. I talked to the lady and she has been doing this for 15 years.

Maybe you have some small business ideas that can help other Daily Paulers in these challenging times.

Good luck

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