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Gary Johnson - Supposedly Lutheran?

So, we have:

Barrack Obama - Collective Salvation
Mitt Romney - Mormon
Gary Johnson - Lutheran
Ron Paul - Protestant

However, I've heard that Gary Johnson considers himself to be more of a deist now? Not sure if that is rumor or fact, but do any of you know or have you heard of Gary's statement of faith?

Gary I believe considers himself to be fiscaly & foreign policy conservative, but socially liberal. Pro-choice & Pro-anything goes for marriage.

In the speech that Ron Paul gave at UVU a couple weeks ago, he gave what seemed to be a call for morality & virtue. Of the people mentioned above, the only person that I could say is truly a Christian, and that shows his christian character daily is Ron Paul.
But, perhaps I haven't heard enough from Gary Johnson.


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This is what I found

When asked about his religious beliefs and views on the role of religion in society, Johnson, a Lutheran, responds, “I believe in God, which has given me a very fundamental belief that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us.”

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