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If Ron Paul Made A Compelling Endorsement For Gary Johnson Would You Change Your Vote?

This is only for people who are writing in Ron Paul. I'd like to find out if Ron Paul could make the case for you to vote for Gary Johnson if he came out and expressed the need to unite the liberty movement in opposition to the two party duopoly.

Ron won't come right out and endorse anyone this time. I think he got too much backlash the last time he did that.


He said people should vote third party and did not endorse ANYONE.


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Gary Johnson didn't?

He sure acts like he did! lol

Long live Ron Paul!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

The rEVOLution is in the GOP

The Liberty Movement will pop up from time to time, as like OWS, someone finds it useful for their own message.. the rEVOLution has a lot of work to do with the GOP, Ron paul remains a RepubliCAN, like Rand, and many of us who don't think we've jumped ship.. but rather.. those like you and the Liberty Movementers never got on our ship to begin.. or you didn't last long, looking for an instant fix, where we are looking to restore the republic.


I can't wait to spoil my ballot too.

If you are worried about msm after all of the shit that they pulled, you are NOT one of us.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

LL is mad

because he actually cant vote in our fraud of an election because he is a Canadian citizen.

I wouldn't mind hearing RP's opinion on what he

thinks would be best for the liberty movement. I know that having 1/3rd of us not vote, 1/3rd of us writing in Dr Paul, and 1/3rd of us voting for GJ...that can't do anything but play right into the hands of Rombomaney.

Thank you...

for your sanity.

1) Write-In Ron Paul = Emotional vote.
2) Gary Johnson = The logical vote (if voting).

I disagree. Im not writing in

I disagree.

Im not writing in Paul for emotional reasons, Im writing him in because he is the best choice for me and my family....therefore its logical to me.

If someone was "Paul or nothing" and is now voting in GJ, I feel it is a slap in the face to all those who fought, bled, and lost during the primaries. Go tell people who had bones broken that you would like to vote Paul, but dont think they will count it so now you are voting for GJ.

You are writing him in

because you have already surrendered this election to the duopoly... the best chance you have of challenging that duopoly is a vote for someone who is on the ballot.

Your vote is a childish emotional temper tantrum vote. There is nothing logical about it.

I respectfully disagree

Listen I would love to vote for Ron Paul but I just don't believe they count write-ins (or certainly it's easier to discard them). I know GJ is not RP but I do think getting him to 5% and getting funding (and recognition) for the LP would be an advancement of our cause. My fear is that when 2016 rolls around, the average Joe out there is going to say "I can't vote for the LP because it would be throwing my vote away". Then when Ron/Rand/Amash/Juddge Nap/whoever doesn't win the republican nomination (which TPTB will make sure of) then we'll be screwed yet again. Remember - the republican party DOES NOT WANT us. They spit on us during the primaries even though they needed our votes. Why would it be any different in 2016? The neocons want power and we're not going to be able to change things from the inside. Remember that Ron got 5 pluralities and then they changed the rules on us. Heck it's all electronic voting anyway so I'm shocked we even got those 5 pluralities.

Honestly, I would consider it a huge win if we could just reform the way we vote and make it paper ballots and counted in the open. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen either. In the meantime, I'm going to try to give the LP some legitimacy in an attempt (however, futile you might think it is) to lay the groundwork for 2016.

You just named off alot of

You just named off alot of the evidence against your own position that voting for GJ will somehow get the LP as a major party.

You just explained to yourself that they will not LET anyone disrupt their plans.

If they can do that to RP on live tv....what makes you think that GJ wont get absolutely buried????

Honestly, You're Probably Right

But I think, at the very least, the harder we make it for TPTB to cover things up, the less likely it is that they can (though they'll obviously do their best to try). Ron Paul has gotten his message out to millions. I think we have to keep that message out there and show people that 3rd parties have more support than they might think. When my friends asked me who to vote for, I tell them that I think GJ is the best remaining candidate. The response I always get is "of the candidates that have a chance to win though" (to which I reply that I can't decide which of Obamney is more evil). If GJ builds a name this time then he might not get that reaction in 2016 and maybe he'll actually have a chance.

Don't get me wrong though. I absolutely want Ron Paul to run again (even though I feel terrible thinking about wanting him to go through that at age 80).


Agreed. For myself, it is Ron Paul. I will not speak for others, but no other candidate this election meets my criteria.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

He won't do it, might aswell get a lotery ticket


1- There's no case for GJ and the beltway boys
2- It would automatically mean bye bye GOP and all the efforts we did there. It would mean the neocons would have zero opposition inside the GOP while the Liberty Movement would effectively be back to political wilderness ie pre-2008. It is no secret, the neocons want us out and joining the LP, Ron Paul knows this.
3- Bye bye audit the Fed (even the idea of it)
4- Rand WILL effectively be useless in the GOP (so will Amash and Jones) for us. Whether you trust him or not, you have to acknowledge that he is, at the very least, an ally right now.

Ron Paul is wise, your lack of foresight is evident...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Rand WILL effectively be useless in the GOP

Already accomplished.

Twice as many people will be against Rand Paul as the amount of people writing in Ron Paul since he SOLD OUT with this BS endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul put party over country. What's worse is he put politics over supporting his own father as well as firehosing this Revolution by endorsing Romney... talk about a knife in the back.

AND - anyone thinking Rand Paul will get the nomination in 2016 (if we live that long) - in the republican party is either a total sheep or was in a coma during the last primary season.

Rand's endorsement of Mitt was not BS

For many of us who had worked very hard to become delegates, get in the GOP take seats.. things were happening very fast, there was tons of misinformation to deal with, and when Rand gave his endorsement to Romney it was a WTF moment.. and what that moment did was get the word out about loyalty oaths and how the GOP intended to use them against us, whereby many people who worked to become delages for Ron paul stayed in the game because of what Rand did, furthermore, MSM was not telling the truth about Ron Paul's plurality, and Rand knew, people were out to hurt the campaign.

I have never been in a major party before, and it's nothing like what I imagined. Rand is going to do awesome because people like me who were Libertarian and Indy are happy to have the opportunity the GOP holds, and for us, that includes cleaning it up.

It's not about Ron Paul or Rand, or GJ.. it's about Restoring the Republic.

I won't be nearly as enthusiastic about Rand but...

...I'd be more than willing to "hold my nose" and vote for him next time around. I'm still holding out hope that he's a lot more like Ron but just infiltrating the GOP. I'm not sure it's the case but I'd take my chances. At worst, he'll still be light years ahead of Rombama.

I am not going to knowingly follow anyone off a cliff

not even Ron Paul. Ron Paul has not made a compelling endorsement or even an endorsement, so how can I answer your question?

Then you have surrendered this election...

because you know no write-in candidate - even Ron Paul has even a prayer.

The only one who admittedly probably won't win but has the best shot to end the duopoly (never say never) is Gary Johnson.

You think we got 4 more years... I hope you're right but from where I sit you are just poorly informed on how bad things are. In four years the internet will be totally censored when the people get tired of defending against the relentless attacks against it.

I have not surrendered. I am standing my ground.

I honestly do not think we have for more years but I am not going to vote for a candidate who says he stands for Liberty but purports a 23% "Fair" tax and advocates the choice of murder for 7 month pre-born children. I believe there is another reason I am not voting for Gary Johnson, but at this moment cannot remember since I have dismissed him as a candidate because he has dismissed the unborn as deserving of Liberty. IMO voting for Gary Johnson is not going to give us 4 more years.

I have not surrendered. I am standing my ground. And how dare you tell me differently.

Oh yah, here is the other reason: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2784551

If you "honestly" thought we

If you "honestly" thought we did not have four more years (are you suggesting the world is about to end?) then what are you doing wasting your time on unimportant matters here? Live, dammit! Live!

Thanks for your concern!

I've had a great day! I live every day. But honestly, I don't know that 4 years from now will look anything like the freedom we still have today but that does not mean that I am not going to do what I want to do today. And today, I have spent some time letting my voice be heard here and where I go.

As far as I am concerned, the matters here are important. If they were unimportant it would not be so important for any of us to be here. I suppose that would include me and you.