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Casey For Freedom: Continuing The Ron Paul Message In Maine

"As the Ron Paul movement is entering a transition phase into the future beyond presidential politics, a series of candidates who are strong on the message of liberty are taking their chances at running for office. Tim Lajoie, Lewiston City Republican chair, is a pro-liberty candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in District #74, while Ron Paul-endorsed Representative Aaron Libby is running for re-election in Waterboro. Sam Canders, another liberty Republican, is running in District #15, in Bangor. In addition to these strong candidates, there is another individual who is worth taking a look at. This man’s name is Kevin Casey, who is making a splash in Portland with his “Casey For Freedom” message."

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Good to know more are staying involved


Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

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Bump for Liberty


All we can do now is at the local level.

Keep waking up the people of each county and state to the atrocities.

Write-In Ron Paul 2012!

We will be canvassing in a neighboring state this weekend.