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Gary Johnson Does Another Sublime Interview 'Waking Up' America

(RNN) - Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson will not be the next president of the United States.

But the former Republican governor of New Mexico and current Libertarian Party nominee for president hopes to use his fringe popularity to tear into the current dominance of America's two-party system.

Johnson isn't saying he can win the presidency and transform Washington. Rather, his goal is to earn 5 percent of the popular vote, which, under the Federal Campaign Act, would qualify the Libertarian Party to receive federal matching funds for the next election and provide some competition for the two major parties.

Five percent is not an unattainable number. Although most recent national polls do not include Johnson, state polls conducted by Public Policy Polling show him hovering around the 5 percent mark in several states, including Nevada and Virginia. And a nationwide poll released in September by Reason magazine (a libertarian-minded publication that supports many of Johnson's ideas), had Johnson at 6 percent.

Whether Johnson manages to get 5 percent or not, there is no denying he has built a large following that is reminiscent of Republican congressman Ron Paul's small "l" libertarian crowd. However, much of that following adores Johnson for his stance on legalizing marijuana and taking American troops out of other countries immediately to cut costs and stop wars. And indeed, a pro-pot, pro-peace message is what Johnson has focused on in campaign ads.