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When Gary Gets His Millions

If Gary starts campaigning now with 90 million dollars he will continue his college tours with great fanfare, lots of expensive publicity and great venues. He will be able to afford to and money buys a lot..

For those of you who believe Gary is the greatest thing since sliced bread, hang on to your hats. Your day is coming.

The watered down version of legalize pot and let gays marry will gather many; however, they will not hear Dr. Paul's constitutional reasons for doing so. Dr. Paul, after all, is personally not interested in smoking pot or anything but marriage between a man and a woman. He also ingeniously remains on the outside of the abortion issue by stating that it is not the federal government's job to decide the issue while introducing the "Sanctity of Life" bill and publicly stating over and over again that he has never performed an abortion and thinks it is wrong.

As an individual, a husband, a father and a religious man, he has every right to his personal belief system as do you and I. Being a politician should never compromise that. Ron Paul is all for liberty and freedom and individual rights as long as exercising those rights do not infringe on others' rights. There is a huge difference in tone, meaning and depth. And it is Dr. Paul's higher ground and sound reasoning that constitutes the" Great Idea Whose Time Has Come." Unfortunately it is over most peoples' heads once twisted by the media, the powers that be within the two main parties, ego-battles staffs, self-aggrandizing usurpers, crafty political operatives (some rubbing their greasy hands over their potential take from the 90 mil) and those who can be fooled by all of the above. .

The Liberty-Lites, given our dumbed-down public education system and mass media propaganda, will flock to Gary because much of what he says rings true. Has there ever been a candidate who didn't make promises and say what people want to hear, only to break those promises later..

Gary will continue to be strategically pro-Israel l(because it is the kiss of death not to be so) rather than dig deep to appease while telling the truth. Dr. Paul's, again ingenious, "we shouldn't give them money so we can tell them what to do" was a hidden truism. He stayed within the boundaries and even echoed the voices of some, while alluding to the real evil. Gary will continue to be anti-war EXCEPT when it is necessary. He will continue to throw in a few Ron Paul platforms via sound bytes rather than coming from a deep understanding and ability to explain coupled with passion to educate the masses. Can you be against Foreign Aid (largest portion goes to Israel as cloaked military support and Saudi Arabia as a pay-off for continuing the oil for US dollars farce) if you avow "support" for Israel which translates money, arms and military lock-step. And, it is that lock-step that may well carry us into WWIII.

Gary will continue to ride on RP coattails mimicking him on the one hand when it is to his advantage and undermining and mocking him on the other. Under Roger Stone's tutelage, Gary will continue to gather the disaffected, the naive and the hopeless. He will siphon off what is not especially wanted by either major party while marginalizing those who actually believe in and want to learn about an economic system (Austrian) that has been held at bay by the elites for very good reasons. Gary admittedly knows very little about economics, has no interest in Austrian economics, and his top economic adviser is an avowed anti-Mises libertarian.

Gary's 90 million dollars will fund speaking tours to undermine Dr. Paul's planned educational tours and our only real hope at this point...educating a generation about a change that has to come and awakening others while giving a voice to those who have known what is really going on and the only solutions for a very long time. And, that is to say nothing about a World that was beginning to resonate with Dr. Paul as their hope as well.

What does it mean to be a Libertarian now days? That is a very important question since those who hope for 5% are trusting the Libertarian Party, not just Gary to use that money wisely. Is it possible that "libertarian" is being thrown around rather loosely given the vast difference among those so eager to apply the label to themselves? Is it possible that a new same party is about to rise to National acclaim further confusing and dividing the masses?

Think about it. There is the Robardian faction, the intellectual faction, that presents what has happened, what will happen if nothing is done and what could happen if only more would wake up. And then there is the opposing CATO/REASON faction of the Libertarian Party which has been been funded by and now 100% taken over by the Koch Brothers who have no use for Ron Paul or the Robardian faction.

What in the world are they doing? They are doing what the elitists have very successfully been doing for some time i.e. presenting opposing sides to give the illusion that the people actually have a choice. Why would they take control of the
libertarian think tank(which is not allowed to endorse a candidate) and the magazine(which at one time presented both sides...read the articles now) while being staunchly pro-Republican?

My best guess is because together the brothers are the third richest in the United States. They along with Gates, Soros and others are battling it out to see who can take the greatest portion of the spoils while covering their tracks with mixed messages. And what does "the" Libertarian Party have to say? Not much since they have been duking it out with each other for years and probably, individually, have an identity crisis with what exactly their party is. After all, they just elected a candidate who is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the Party and is "defining" the new and improved Libertarian Party every time he opens his mouth. Confused? Well who wouldn't be and that apparently is the point.

The election will be won by whomever it has already been decided will win. The masses will remain oblivious to the fact that the President is just an up-front PR person...hardly the decider about much of anything. Ron Paul knows this. That is why it was and always has been the message. A message was running for President, not a man and he has always known this. He knows how the system works better than you or I.

Gary will get 5% if it has been determined that he should define the New Party and at the same time deal the final blow to those educated Ron Paul purists who got the message and are impassioned to spread it. He will distract the masses into thinking he could actually be elected President and mix it up a bit while the shit hits the fan. Give hope to the gullible. If elected four year spoiler by a margin of 5%, Gary will be your next four year ride. I would just caution, make certain you know where that ride is going to take you. There may not be another Ron Paul voice for awhile. Don't silence him now. He is not through.

Thankfully, few if any, will read something this long. I am not a great writer. To you, I may be completely wrong. However, given anything as confusing and disheartening as our current situation and the past eight years, I had to draw my conclusions and then let it go while praying for our nation and the world...and thanking God that he gave us a Ron Paul for a little while. It made all the difference to me. I pray his voice is not silenced and his legacy lives.

As an after thought, I am reminded of my mother who many, many years ago lost the finals in the National High School Debate Contest in Washington. The debate was "will the US be drawn into WWII?" She drew the side of saying that yes, we would. One of her arguments was that there could be an event like the Japanese attacking say Pearl Harbor that would rally the masses into getting behind the war. She lost because her argument was considered too preposterous. .

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Yeah. He has all of five days.

When most prople have already made up their minds.

I wish he had more time.