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Ron Paul has enough write in states to win the election at 302 with extra to SPARE

From Teri Liberty Bell on Facebook

OK Folks here it IS!!!! We did it. Ron Paul has enough write in states to win the election at 302 with extra to SPARE not including unknown States. Get out the Congressman Ron Paul/Judge Andrew Napolitano WRITE IN VOTE. (NOTE: If anyone sees an error in this list, please make a comment correcting the error.)

Write-in Friendly States and their electoral college count!!!!!!

New Hampshire=4
New Jersey=15
New York=29
North Dakota=3
North Carolina=15
Rhode Island=4
Washington DC=3

Unknown potentials:


[You know I support Gary Johnson and oppose this write-in effort. However, this is the DAILY PAUL and I feel an obligation to report this. However, I cannot personally confirm it.]

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To have a vote count - one MUST VOTE

Access DOES NOT mean Action. The only way a Write-in Campaign can succeed is by having people talk to people...what a concept.

This is not a time for discussion or comparison...This is a time for action...physical activity.

For ways of addressing ALL 4 voter blocks – Republican Faithful, Minority Party, Independent, Disillusioned Democrats, Disenfranchised Republicans and …Yes…Ron Paul Supporters. - IN CALIFORNIA

see Headlines ...

Headlines for posting


I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

Is there a level

above wishful thinking? because you definitely kicked it up a notch.


Just spoke to the SoS in

Just spoke to the SoS in Minnesota. Ron Paul is not on the list for official write in candidates and a vote for him here will not be counted.

My heart is broken. A state that managed to nominate Ron Paul from the floor of the RNC convention will not have the option to write in our hero.


failed again.

Who is Richard Gilbert?

Who is Richard Gilbert?

Oh. He wants us to write in

Oh. He wants us to write in when we aren't suppose to so our ballots don't get counted?

And so people dont investigate for themselves

and find out the truth for themselves.

Afterward, they blame it on Karl Rove or something and try to do a fundraiser.

It's so transparent.

this list is an outright lie.

this list is an outright lie. colorado will not count uncertified write-ins. call the state election board. ron paul would had to have certified himself. they will never tally them and depending on what dem/rep is counting ballots can invalidate the whole ballot for defacing it by writing in a un certified candidate.

the ron paul write-in folks are basically in the same league as the liars,cheats and thieves in the rnc,gop est and romney camp.

only signed in, to let folks know this is an outright lie. write-ins for ron paul will not be tallied statewide and thrown out and not counted. since this is related to the video post as well. i must now go remove the video from my facebook. COLORADO WILL NOT COUNT UNCERTIFIED WRITE_INS!!!!

Ron Paul 2016

We are not and I was planning

We are not all liers and I was planning on writing him in but just found out directly from the Minnesota SoS that he is not an official write in candidate.

People! Please research your state! I assumed Minnesota was on top of it because we nominated him at the RNC convention in Tampa but it is not so.

i wasn't calling you that

i wasn't calling you that sorry if it sounded that way, just the folks directing this write in ron paul campaign. I am all for writing in ron paul in the legal states but there are less then 6 that will actually count them if that many.

My anger is folks are gonna throw their vote away by doing this and cancel out their whole ballot. uncertified write-ins will be the first ballots thrown out.

also provisional ballots are usually not counted at all unless the race is very close.

I am glad you researched your state. been very frustrated over this whole write-in campaign. I know the folks in the states that can have been good but there has been many dp/rpf being vague on purpose. I wish it did not upset me so. I need some blue pills.

Ron Paul 2016

I agree! I was hell bent on

I agree! I was hell bent on writing him in and assumed my vote would count but just confirmed today that he is not on the official write in list.

Apparently Rosanne Barr is on the list but Ron Paul is not. Good grief.

This is happening here because....

"Richard Gilbert said" and because people are not VERIFYING THEIR OWN STATE FOR THEMSELVES.


Richard Gilbert...was he the

Richard Gilbert...was he the "attorney" supposedly handling the delegate lawsuit?


And now he's "handling" the nationwide write-in ballot campaign.

I'll bet $100 he's the source of the list in this OP.


The campaign did not file for

The campaign did not file for him to be a write in candidate in any state. Some states do not require it but most do.

Research it! Stop listening to what everyone else says! This list is bad info!



I just verified that Indiana

I just verified that Indiana has paper ballots, atleast in Clark county, and you can write in anyone you want.

You verified write ins with your Lt Gov or Sec State office?

Or you just assumed that by looking at the form?

You need to do due diligence and not assume and then misinform others because your assumption turned out to be wrong.

I never said they would be

I never said they would be counted. She said un-verified candidates will not be counted.

I dont give a shit, Im writing in Paul anyway.

your local votes and state

your local votes and state votes are going to be thrown out to. You defaced your ballot by writing in an uncertified candidate. You just punked yourself! celebrate, you wasted your own time by negating your ballot. the dnc/gop loves you for it!

Ron Paul 2016

Yeah that's kind of dishonest of you.

"I just verified you can write in whomever you want."

"Whoops, sorry I forgot to tell you your vote wouldn't be counted if you did."

how so? I verified that

how so? I verified that writeins are avail.

Its not like all the votes are going to be counted legit anyway.

Am I right about that?

write-ins are only good if

write-ins are only good if they were certified. ron paul was not certified in your state i believe just by how your saying it. hope you didn't vote for local state elections. you just screwed your voting up by defacing your ballot. A dem or rep will basically rule your whole ballot invalid, good luck, hope you didn't punk yourself but odds are you just did!

Ron Paul 2016

I guess you like repeating

I guess you like repeating yourself

The electoral college

is populated with people who are the biggest butt-monkeys for the GOP (or Dems)
A handful of RP folks may have slipped through the cracks, but the PEOPLE who cast the votes are not bound by the popular vote - electronic, write in or rigged.
The folks putting on the "Election Show" do not leave room for tampering with the script, I am so sorry.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


Most honest, best comment on this thread. You're right. The electors are not bound by the popular vote in the majority of states. They will choose whomever they want regardless of what we want.

Of course, it was originally done this way by our Founders because we had sovereign states where the states were assumed to have real representative Govt. At that time, electors probably did represent the will of the people in their state since it was easier to hold your state reps accountable. Today, the system is completely twisted and corrupted that the electors answer to the GOP and the DNC instead of the people. One of the best safeguards against fraud put in place by our Founders has again been twisted beyond recognition.

Blessings )o(


Gary sucks!

I don't play, I commission the league.

invalidate your whole ballot

invalidate your whole ballot ,yeah way to go!!! unless ron paul was certified in your state, you just punked yourself aka wasted your time and probably negated your whole ballot, celebrate, you punked yourself!

Ron Paul 2016

Write Ins

There is a note of desperation in many advocates of write-ins.

I suggest anyone who thinks a write in campaign will work this round, go door to door in their neighborhood and ask people to write Ron Paul in. Then think about getting enough people to do the same in their neighborhoods, to win.

Going door to door does work. I got Ron Paul's number up by 25% in my precinct in 2008, that is to say, I got him from 3% of the vote in Los Angeles County, to 4% in my precinct, by going door-to-door. But he was already on the ballot and actually running for the nomination.

I applaud people who write someone in because they feel they can't vote for anyone else. I think we should encourage more people to write in or not vote at all, if they haven't done their homework, especially, or if they aren't taking a long view.

But for me, I've written off this election already, and I'm focusing on 2016. Gary Johnson may well be asked to run again in 2016, and if he can build on this campaign as Ron Paul built on the last, next time we may really pull it off. At the very least, it will have an impact on Congressional races. I'm voting for Gary to make sure he's willing to run again.

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