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HQ Suggestion: Some Talking Points for Ron Paul

My opinion is: that Ron Paul needs to stop generalizing and start using "I wiil" in a firm and decisive voice more often. If I am elected your president... I will. Or when I am elected your president... I will.

1. I will restore the US Constitution to it's rightful place of honor in this country.

2. I will make sure we have a strong military, without bullying the rest of the world.

3. I will bring sound currency back to America, by giving the printing press at the Federal Reserve some competition with competing money.

4. I will bring our troops home and close all our bases around the world, so they can protect our borders and not those of the NWO as referred to by GHW Bush back in XXXX.

5. I will eliminate the Federal income tax and replace it with money saved from bringing our troops home and closing our bases worldwide.

6. My administration will operate on honesty and integrity, just as I have in the US House for the past 20 years and prior to that in my medical practice.

7. I will not cater to the CFR as many other candidates will, since many are current or past members or would be members.
Nor will I cater to any other special interest group. However, there is one group I will cater to and that group is the people of America. I will not forget those who elect me to office. Like so many have in the past... I plan on keeping my word to the American people after I am elected their president.

8. I will ensure our sovereignty and security by making sure our borders are secure... something that should have been done immediately after 9/11.

9. I will eliminate the Federal department of education and return the power of who makes decisions for how our children are taught closer to the parents, by allowing the states to make those decisions.

10. I will mend fences and bruised feelings and eliminate the fear of other countries and their people that we may attack them at any minute. I will do this by forging friendships, trade and mutual respect with all other nations. And by realizing that not every country wants to be an exact image of America. That every country is unique in there own way and that America should honor that uniqueness.

11. I will fight to undo all the harm done to our liberties and freedoms by prior administrations.

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Please... anyone feel free to add

to the list. Just remember these are talkings points, so they need to be short, yet get the point across. Pun intended.

Also, ideally

I will free nonviolent drug "criminals" and restore their civil rights. In addition to instantly turning the tax & spend drugwar's victims from tax liabilities to temporary taxpayers before I do away entirely with the IRS, this would bring many families together. Would a few become criminals anyway? Yes, and we'll deal with them as they do. Mostly, we'll unleash tremendous productivity from some obviously entrepreneurial folks of all colors. We can't afford to keep this many people in prisons which only become expensive crime-universities and guard-union welfare programs.

12. If you give me the

12. If you give me the honor of being your next president, I pledge to do everything in my power to keep my promises to "We the People." I promise to never waiver from this pledge.