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Live SHOW 11 PM Chuck Suter reports on the FED lecture series he attended tonight

Tonight I was able to go inside the belly of the beast and attend a lecture series titled "An Evening at the FED." Their agenda was to promote themselves as the best thing since sliced bread. Those attending were teachers in the Charlotte area and homeschoolers (which is how I got in). The lies were numerous, the propaganda was strong, and the food was great! They will be doing this all across the country at every Federal Reserve Branch. Tune in tonight so that you have a heads up on what to expect and how you can attend! I will cover in detail what I experienced and I will tell you about their outreach agenda they planned for 2013. I know this is short notice, but please don't miss it! I need your help to share this post with all your friends. I will see you guys at 11pm est at Ron Paul Tribune.


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i'll check it out

i'll check it out

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire


That is crazy. The belly of the beast. You are a true liberty fighter.