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The US & our allies are fighting terrorists who have defined this conflict as religiously based.

The United States and our allies are fighting terrorists who have defined this conflict as religiously based. Commanders on both sides have identified the center of gravity as the popular support of the people and understand the value of leveraging the religious aspects of the indigenous culture. Coalition commanders must apply that knowledge to support the overall objectives. Using chaplains, whose expertise includes religion and religious culture, shows great potential for success for enabling operational goals.

Key Lessons:

• Commanders should use chaplains as advisors on religions and religious issues that influence military operations.
• Chaplains must interact with religious leaders from the lowest to the highest levels of government and religious leadership to facilitate mission success.
• Chaplains are a valuable resource to aid the commander when planning and executing operations.

This handbook is a valuable tool for leaders to explain how and why religion plays a role in the military decision-making process, how chaplains should interface with local religious leaders, and how chaplains are key members of their commander’s team. Its lessons are applicable to any theater and war.


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I wouldn't say this conflict

I wouldn't say this conflict is religiously based. Certainly, it's religiously justified, but that tends to happen with pretty much every war, people who are religious on both sides try to find justification for actions that go against their religion.

Had we not interfered in the Middle East, I highly doubt any Islamic holy wars would have been directed at us. The real motive is revenge, not religion.

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G W Bush had a "vision"

that God told him to invade Iraq.
As God, (which ever one you worship), is the highest common denominator, all wars are fought on religious grounds.
Really, could George, Dick and Donald have said to the American people..."folks we are going to shed the blood of your sons and daughters and invade Iraq and Afghanistan, so that we,...not you...can make a shit load of money".

I posted this for people that are religious, I'm an Atheist.

Don't blame me.

Huh? Have you no knowledge

Huh? Have you no knowledge about the CIA partnership with "Al Qaeda." About the Mossad involvement in 9/11? About the stream of lies from our government and our CIA?