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Write-in Ron Paul Is A Romney Campaign Division Tactic

I would not doubt ROMNEY IS PROBABLY PAYING TROLLS TO PUSH THE WRITE-IN RON PAUL meme. This is a dis-information campaign with the goal of dividing the liberty movement.

Ron Paul gave up... PERIOD... Gary Johnson stepped forward to take up where Ron left off... if you can't see that you are blind and just pissed off about Ron not getting the nomination.

As for the "occupy the GOP" folks you are CLUELESS to all the rule changes that were just made at the RNC - with just a couple of last minute rule changes they COMPLETELY VOIDED EVERY BIT OF PROGRESS THAT WAS MADE IN OCCUPYING KEY POSITIONS BY LIBERTY MEMBERS.

Anyone thinking Rand Paul has a prayer of the nomination in 2016 is completely delusional and has a VERY SHORT MEMORY as well as a MOMENT TO MOMENT ATTENTION SPAN.

Even if u got the theory Rand is a "spy" for the liberty movement you REALLY THINK the PTB would trust him with the nomination???

Give me a break.. if you think that you just fell off the turnip truck yesterday. Rand Paul screwed the liberty movement from both directions. Ron Paul choose party over country. Truth be told.

SHEEP: Down-vote it. Enlightened ones: Up-vote it.

P.S. Just because you SAY you are enlightened doesn't make it so. Romney says plenty of stuff all the time that isn't true.

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We lost the Presidential Race - Get Over It

Go help a Liberty Candidate running for local, state or Federal Office. Hundreds of Grassroots leaders are running for office.


Not all are listed, so find who your local Liberty Activists are supporting and help out!

Thank You

I think more specifically, those pushing the misleading information could be regarded as defending the RNC/DNC cabal. Not sure if they are Romneyites or angry Democrats - but there is definitely something under the table going on.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

This dude is right.

Ron Paul went away quietly. Can't says I blame him, after all the crap thrown his way, and with such a feeble campaign staff that did little to nothing to help. Ron Paul WAS a once in a lifetime candidate, but he sure made some bad decisions as to who would help steer his campaign. Now, he's off the radar. Time to move on. It would be awful to see Obama's mug for another 4 years, yuckin it up with all the rappers and basketball players. Romney would be slightly better, but still a inside power player for the "bosses". I'll be voting for Johnson. He surely won't win, but I'd like to help build a little 3rd party stir. I sure wish Ron Paul would have slammed the door on the RNC thugs, and set up shop with the Libertarian for one last swan dive. This time, it could have been interesting. Especially if he would reach out for surrogate helpers like Ventura, and the likes, who could help fan out the message of the 2 party corruption. Many more would have been happy to jump in. Screw the GOP.

alan laney

I voted Gary Johnson

but I think your post is out of line. We all need to respect others right to vote Paul or anyone they choose. I think everyone on the DP has made up their mind on who their voting for.

I only voted GJ because I what the Libertarian party get recognition in 2016. Also Ron Paul did give up before Tampa, and that bothers me.

My hope is RP and GJ will get 20% combined and that will shock some sense in the duopoly party!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

It is more likely that the push for GJ is a Romney operation.

The push for GJ began quite a long time before Tampa. There were GJ supporters crawling all over the DP during the run-up to the National Convention trying to draw RP supporters away to GJ.

This was extremely divisive at the time and therefore is prima facie evidence of Romney influence.

Votes for GJ are much more likely to come from left leaning pro choice liberal potential Obama voters than from pro life Constitutional conservatives that Ron Paul appeals to. Therefore to draw support from RP to GJ would benefit Romney much more than Obama by drawing votes from Obama to GJ amongst RP supporters. Ergo once again this points to the GJ promotion being a Romney operation.

I have personally noted that those who are involved in some skulduggery will often accuse their target of doing what they themselves are guilty of. So you have accused Ron Paul write in supporters of the actions that the GJ supporters are actually guilty of. You even claim to be a Ron Paul supporter yourself to muddy the waters even further.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

David Robertson Is 100%

...correct. A few clues:

-Timing of the GJ push, Gary and Roger Stone's abrupt departure from Republican Party, Koch take-over of CATO, new slant in Reason Magazine articles, Koch obvious duplicity, and much more.

-Early overwhelming emphasis on two issues: Legalizing pot and gay marriage. Bringing in two "advisers" to beef-up the emphasis: ie. The Judge who has the credibility of a "judge" and is intelligent to "talk around the other issues, but has made legalizing pot the kingpin of his career and a gay activist who was pretty much kicked out of the Gay Republicans organization despite being a co-founder.

-Despite polls to the contrary, overwhelming majority indicate that there are more pro-gay Democrats than Republicans (and, note O'Bama's sudden support after playing the middle) and there are more pro-legalize pot Democrats than Republicans.

-Perfect timing by Koch to "redefine" the fractured Libertarian Party along his lines of thinking while further marginalizing the Robardian, intellectual faction. Gary's economica adviser is hardly pro-Austrian economics and in depth economic thinking at a time when the economy is on life-support is discouraged. Gary's lack of interest in economics other than saying 43% over and over has been noted; however, not attacked or questioned.

-Duplicity of Johnson in lauding Ron Paul on the one hand and knocking him on the other. Stone openly admitting that he hired prostitutes to crash the RP Rally in GJ shirts and smirking in regards to RP supporters at the Convention "Come to Papa."

I would go on...but what is the point. To me, the worst thing that could happen is for Gary to get 90 million dollars to counter Ron Paul's speaking tours with his own well-funded ones and continue to define the "new" Libertarian Party.


These types of posts are not helping anyone here,

do you even realize that? You are a total drama whore lately. Get over it. Really, you turn people off to your message. If Ron Paul had ever once sounded remotely like you, even I wouldn't like him.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

That's because you

allow your emotions to control you.

Just like now you allow your emotions to control your vote.

I am trying to break the epidemic of people REACTING to their EMOTIONS because that's how the PTB CONTROLS YOU and keeps you in the BOX which they constructed for you LONG IN ADVANCE.

They are several moves ahead of us in this movement. The majority of the liberty movement can't figure out the first move let alone plan a few moves a head.

What I'm saying is you are TRAPPED in a matrix within a matrix which you have just escaped to make you believe you were no longer within a matrix.

Get it?

The write in Ron Paul

The write in Ron Paul movement is a group of people who are going to write in Ron Paul because they think he is the best candidate.

They are right, and I am one of them.

The voters have the power, not the people being voted on. Their perceived position is only an illusion you use to enslave the people into thinking they must consider something more than voting based on principle and person.

My vote is for Ron Paul.


after supporting the guy for 8 years and finally seeing through all this crap with him splintering the opposition for the second cycle in a row... I don't agree he is the best candidate.

He refuses to lead. All he really ever wanted to do was preach the gospel of liberty... and I appreciate that. The guy doesn't wanna be president.

Save the REPUBLIC!

Whatever Numbnuts! "Ron Paul choose party over country." Are you really that stupid?

Liberty lovers WILL be taking back the Republican party to its tradition roots, Freedom will reign! There are no ifs and buts about it (I know at least I will be fighting for what is right until the day I die!), and the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America will be restored, The US will, once again be known as a Liberty loving nation, and the people of the world will join the fight for even more Freedom.

Romney and all of the rest of the scum bag traitorous Neocon shites can sit there scared out of their wits, because THEY KNOW we are coming for them, THEY KNOW they are Traitors, THEY KNOW what is going to happen to them, if the truth ever gets out, They should be scared of us taking back the Republican Party!

All of you Tyrants out there around the World, Look out! We are coming! Your time is Up! Freedom will Reign!

End the Fed!

Keep drinking the kool-aid

You must not have been paying attention when they made the rule changes at the RNC.

Oh no they made rules, thats right.

So we have to Obey! Damn it, I forget we were slaves.

I would like to see the neocons enforce those rules and further alienate themselves from the people, It will simply drive more towards the liberty movement.

Liberty Lovers WILL be taking back the GOP and restoring it back to what it used to stand for, Freedom!

I wouldn't doubt..

you are a jesuit reptilian from Niburu coming to earth to harvest human brains for snacks back on your home planet. I mean, it's SO obvious. :>

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Where's the love?

I love you..

just thought we were having a contest who could say the most bizarre off-the-wall stuff. :D

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


And you are the official, self-appointed judge? Who says:

"SHEEP: Down-vote it. Enlightened ones: Up-vote it."

Count me in the sheep column because you have been down voted by a little lamb who can smell a big bad wolf.

You counted yourself

in the sheep column already so I don't have to.


Yep, I'm one stubborn little lamb. Can stand on my own 2 feet and I can even count in the face of the big bad wolf. Just try to corral Friends of Liberty and you will find out what kind of sheep we are. You see, when one is following Liberty it is tough to switch the path into the False Liberty pen. Liberty has certain markers and when the markers are not there, well then, that is not the way to Liberty.

People like the OP are the

People like the OP are the sole reason why a lot of people don't like GJ or his supporters.

Write in Ron Paul. Go ahead and criticize, you fascist pig.

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Hmm fascist?

I won't accept that... however the pig is actually a very intelligent animal... have you ever seen Animal Farm? It was the pigs who took charge after the farmer was overthrown so I appreciate the compliment.

And then...

The Pigs started getting Power Hungry and Corrupt and kept everything for themselves, leaving the rest of the animals to be slaves...

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
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I don't think so

Seems write-in Ron paul would help Obama, not Romney.

We saw everything they did and made notes at the RNC, the state conventions.. we're not going to run away because they cheated, lied, stole, broke bones.. this is a good flight, and they are fighting..

Forst they ignor you, then they laugh at you.. then they fight you.. this is a fight.. and what do we have.. folks like you knocking us down, and yet, you have nothing better to offer anyone than the GOP.

I didn't join the GOP and get where I am in the GOP because of Romney, so it's not like I want Romney, but DESPITE Romney, we have a message to materialize and that's what we are doing, DESPITE Romney, and you.

Until Ron Paul

,I had never even considered voting GOP, and now I'm one of them. Serving as PCO for my local party. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, this country desperately needs a valid 3rd party, but if one of the two major parties isn't changed from within, this will never happen. As much as I'd like to see Johnson do well, he'll be lucky just to get 2% of the vote. We have to face the fact that we will be stuck with Obamney regardless, and must continue to work to fill the GOP with liberty minded people so future liberty candidates have the support in place to win.

Fight the Good Fight