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Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy

By JG Vibes
November 1, 2012

In the wake of the destruction caused by hurricane Sandy the people of Iran are reaching out in a variety of ways, by offering help and emergency aid relief.

Even the Red Crescent Organization of Iran has offered to send an emergency response team to help with the rescue and clean up effort.

Mahmud Mozaffar, the leader of the Red Crescent Organization told the Fars News Agency that:

“We are ready to help the flood-stricken people of America. Given its preparedness and ample experience in rescuing storms and floods victims, Iran’s Red Crescent can provide relief assistance for those affected in New York.

If American authorities agree, we can send our rescuers with equipment and tools to American cities in the shortest period of time.”

read more http://theintelhub.com/2012/11/01/iran-offers-to-send-emerge...

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Yes Nice One!

I was talking to my Iranian friend here in Australia Yesterday, and she and I joked that this is what Iran should do!

Then I thought the media will try and spin it into a possible cloak and dagger terrorist plot, lets see.

Good work Iran, I hope Obama accepts the help! Hah.

love it

love it