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New York Mayor Signs Executive Order Rationing Gas To 10 Gallons Per Person

I thought Executive Orders were unconstitutional mandates that only our King (AKA The POTUS) could use. Guess not.

Yonkers is going to begin rationing what’s left of its dwindling gas supply.

Mayor Mike Spano said he plans to sign an executive order Thursday limiting motorists to 10 gallons of gas per visit.

“The hope is that will slow the push and keep the gas supply in place,” Spano said at an afternoon press briefing in the Office of Emergency Management.

Throughout the city, gas has been at a premium, with a number of stations shut down either because of depleted fuel supplies or a lack of power in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

More than 10 stations had to close Thursday after they ran out of fuel, Spano said.

Those that remained open were dealing with lines that stretched around the block, as well as many short-tempered motorists.


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There will be a heatlhy black market

For gasoline if this continues. The state/fed government is already loosening regulations on transport of fuel.

I think you are giving too much credit to the japanese response to the tsunamis. Their government screws them over, and they say, almost to a man, thank you sir, may I have another.

Plus, dumpster diving to me is more of a failure of government than a failure of the people. Sure, Americans didn't plan, they erroneously trusted government to take care of them, but at least they are out trying to take care of themselves now.

all this drama over some high

all this drama over some high winds and flooding, US is becoming the laughing stock of the world. Look for example how prepared Japan is to confront typhoons and tsunamis, no looting, dumpster diving, fights over gas, playing politics with people's lives.
I remember what Robert Hanssen wrote to the Russians, something like "America has the body of a giant and the mind of a retarded child", just look around to see how true this statement is, electing Obama or Romney over a guy ready to give more freedom, less war and taxes, voting for NDDA, TSA, economic and financial collapse...WTF!

No authority.

Executive orders apply only to executive employees.

Bloomberg has no authority over gas stations.

What an idiot!

I hope someone tells him to piss off and continues to sell whatever people are willing to buy.

ecorob's picture

of course he did...

What do you expect?

My simple advice is to ALWAYS keep your tank full. When you get to 3/4, refill it!

Its the same, minus one price, to always keep your tank full versus always keeping it empty.

There will be rationing in a crisis. Keep your tank full!

Ron Paul

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9/11 Truth.

If they can limit the size of your drink and get away with it...

This is a slightly different situation though no? Nobody likes to be limited in what they want but in emergencies, if it's the real deal, I suppose they can.

Whether I like it or not is a different story.

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If they allowed "price gouging" would that not effectively limit how much gas most people could buy anyway? So here a state government limits price gouging, but then moves to try and limit how much gas people can buy...

If they'd just allow price raises by gas stations and then you'll have less shortages. It'll be more expensive, but you'll still discourage driving, probably shorten lines and more. Bottom line is, people in those areas were not prepared and should stop trying to go to work or continue life as usual.

We're all so spoiled, we're quite pathetic when there's even a minor hiccup in our daily routine. This is precisely one of the reasons I work from home now. I can completely stop driving if I needed too, if I am stocked up with food. Have water well so that should be fine.



►More than 1,000 New Jersey gas stations are unable to sell fuel due to power outages and delivery problems, according to the head of one of the state's gas station associations.

►New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association, which represents 1,500 stations, told us by phone that 75 percent of his members have shut down fueling.

►difficulties along every point - difficulty getting supply from the pipeline, to distribution centers, to the trucks, to the gas stations, and then the final hurdle, getting it into car.

►Many stations don't have power to pump gas. Those with power are pumping fuel until they run out.

►there are more cars on the road since many bus and train lines remain suspended.

►There's nobody rationing. When a retailer has gas, he's pumping until he has no more.

►Gas lines over a mile long, with more than 150 cars, are now a common sight across the state. Waits are up to three hours.


New York Harbor Oil Disruptions

► 80 Vessles still sitting off Port
► No estimates of being reopened
► The largest Pipeline in the area is apparently still closed as well.
► Apparently the debris in the harbor is causing some ships props to fail, with many ships floating in disrepair
► New York Harbor stores 75 million barrels of oil
► Recieves 900,000 barrels per day as of August 2012
► Ships are only allowed into the harbor area with permission from the Port Captain's approval ... called "Condition Yankee"
► One barge was beached on Staten Island

Straight from the source. Port Authority of NY and NJ.
8:00 am
All of the Port Authority's marine facilities will remain closed until further Top noticeboard. This includes Marine Container Terminals: Port Newark Container Terminals, APM Terminals, Maher Terminals Global Terminal, New York Container Terminal, Red Hook Container Terminals, and the Port Authority Marine Terminal.



per 700WLW-clear channel - Trucker Radio
Gridlock in trucking
truckers speaking of not being able to deliver their cargo into the affected areas of NY, NJ, etc.
►a cascading problem. Truckers cannot deliver,
►are stuck in truck stops with a full payload
►sitting on loads that Should have been delivered days ago
►cannot pick up another payload
►and it continues on;


Wonder if this includes himself?


Man you are dense, donvino

Don't you know that helicopters use aviation fuel and not gasoline? Geez!

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.


Thanks for reminding me...he did mention motorists only :)


The NAZIs are in charge in NYC.

The Mayor is making the situation worse.

The price mechanism is how the market knows there are shortages and it rushes to fill them.

The Mayor applied price controls and the fuel shortage will linger and everyone will suffer.

Except the Mayor and his cronies.

Free includes debt-free!

If by Nazi's

If by Nazi's you mean Jewish crime syndicate.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

Not at all. National Socialists.

They are already begging for money from the National government.

Free includes debt-free!

People who

People who undermine the National Sovereignty of a country to unelected global fictitious entities are not Nationalist Socialists. People who subvert education, control media, allow interest bearing debt to circulate as legal tender are not Nationalist Socialists.

Nazi's don't own the Federal Reserve. The Jewish mafia does and lumping them all together allows for anonymity.

Henry Kissinger is not a Nationalist Socialist.
David Rockefeller is not a Nationalist Socialist.

Nationalist Socialists do not have a religious ideology to control the world and suppress all others.

If we don't correctly identify the problem it will not be fixed.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


Expect this type of power grab, even by local officials, if another large disaster strikes. It's good to know what sort of things to expect. This is also why us Floridians always fill up our gas tanks just prior to a hurricane. We know gas goes quickly.

Can I get a 32 ounce cola while I wait for more gas, please?

So if I am the owner of a gas station in NY, I am free to sell.... only what the Mayor authorizes.
What if I want the afternoon off? Want to sell out by 10:00 AM so I can go clean up the mess in my yard? What if I know my neighborhood and know folks can get by on 5 gallons, will I get an award from the Mayor if I limit my customers to 5 gallons, or or do I HAVE to let them buy 10?
Yes, these ARE absurd questions, appropriate considering the absurd situation.

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