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Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

Barack Obama's presidency has been an inspiration to many Americans—especially nutjobs. Ever since the first-black-president-to-be appeared on the national political stage, a [Koch, et al] cottage industry of conservative conspiracy theorists has churned out bizarro, paranoid, and just plain racist effluvia—some of which has trickled into the political mainstream. Below, we've charted some of the Obama-baiters best (i.e. worst) work. (Scroll down for more detailed descriptions of the conspiracy theories in the diagram.)


Kind of puts it all into perspective. Lol ;)

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That's hilarious! I'd love

That's hilarious!

I'd love to see a Ron Paul one. It could range from 9/11 truther to racist to liberal pacifist to druggy/stoner to Christian right winger to anarcho-capitalist to isolationist to Barney Frank & Dennis Kucinich lover and so many more.

I find it funny they left out

I find it funny they left out the "theory" that Obama is a communist-trained KGB agent.

Haha faked government jobs

Haha faked government jobs report and Bin Laden's death... oh wait!

Southern Agrarian