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Chinatown Restaurant Busted by Food Inspector while offering food to storm refugees.

They're only doing it out of concern for the patrons!

While in a traffic standstill on a pitch black corner in Chinatown, we saw an NYC food inspector bust down the door of a Chinese restaurant that was serving food to dozens of people even though they had no power and no running water. It was pitch black, and all these people were eating from a huge buffet...

I knew it was a food inspector because the guy was wearing a jacket that said "Department of Health" in big white letters on the back of it. He had a big flashlight and a headlamp. When he went into the restaurant with his two sources of light, you could see that there were little candles everywhere and people huddled at tables.

The restaurant was a tiny hole in the wall spot, with a yellow awning that said they served dumplings for $4. It had a "C" in the last inspection -- the NYC health inspection grade was taped to the door.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/government-bureaucracy-in-hur...

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It's good that there is an inspection

I don't know if you recall ENRON, but here in CA, Y2K we had brown outs. I was a student at Los Angeles Trade Tech, persuing a passion, culinary arts degree. We, like thousands of restaruants, hotels, event centers, grocers, homes, have our limits on safe food storage.. we tossed out tons of food because first semester you get a food handlers certificate, meaning you know the HACCP rules.. and this was a transition from "Home Economics"/ Chef apprenticship to Food Science.. anyways.. by law in every state, you can not feed people food you have to throw out, no matter what a waste it seems like. It could be that there is an organization that collects the food, like a food bank, or Red Cross, or National Guard..

Waste is treaure to many, and we've got some ways to go before we balance "spoils", which disasters make.