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Video: Upstate NY: Lines 80 miles away! People coming North to get gas... Cities getting wiped out



►More than 1,000 New Jersey gas stations are unable to sell fuel due to power outages and delivery problems, according to the head of one of the state's gas station associations.

►New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association, which represents 1,500 stations, told us by phone that 75 percent of his members have shut down fueling.

►difficulties along every point - difficulty getting supply from the pipeline, to distribution centers, to the trucks, to the gas stations, and then the final hurdle, getting it into car.

►Many stations don't have power to pump gas. Those with power are pumping fuel until they run out.

►there are more cars on the road since many bus and train lines remain suspended.

►There's nobody rationing. When a retailer has gas, he's pumping until he has no more.

►Gas lines over a mile long, with more than 150 cars, are now a common sight across the state. Waits are up to three hours.


New York Harbor Oil Disruptions

► 80 Vessles still sitting off Port
► No estimates of being reopened
► The largest Pipeline in the area is apparently still closed as well.
► Apparently the debris in the harbor is causing some ships props to fail, with many ships floating in disrepair
► New York Harbor stores 75 million barrels of oil
► Recieves 900,000 barrels per day as of August 2012
► Ships are only allowed into the harbor area with permission from the Port Captain's approval ... called "Condition Yankee"
► One barge was beached on Staten Island

Straight from the source. Port Authority of NY and NJ.
8:00 am
All of the Port Authority's marine facilities will remain closed until further Top noticeboard. This includes Marine Container Terminals: Port Newark Container Terminals, APM Terminals, Maher Terminals Global Terminal, New York Container Terminal, Red Hook Container Terminals, and the Port Authority Marine Terminal.



per 700WLW-clear channel - Trucker Radio
Gridlock in trucking
truckers speaking of not being able to deliver their cargo into the affected areas of NY, NJ, etc.
►a cascading problem. Truckers cannot deliver,
►are stuck in truck stops with a full payload
►sitting on loads that Should have been delivered days ago
►cannot pick up another payload
►and it continues on;

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the forgotten people...


zero assistance to Staten Islanders... zero!

Staten Island Borough President: Do not Give Money to the Red Cross - they are a disgrace

For a moment I thought you

For a moment I thought you meant natural gas lines.
Would be nice to fill your LNG powered vehicle or truck at home from your own gas line. Would never work in these over crowded cities though.

Southern Agrarian


Front page of the Post


NYC Is Using Massive Generators For The NYC Marathon While Many Suffer Without Power


People are eating out of dumpsters huddled around bonfires...
while the fresh squeezed orange juice stands are lining Central Park
for the Marathon runners...
the show must go on! :)

For the good of the

For the good of the collective!

Southern Agrarian

Well, that will cheer everyone up!

See? The IMPORTANT things in life go on as usual....
If there were any marathon runners with a conscience, they would withdraw from the race over this. That is INHUMANE.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.