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Ron Paul Never Had The Support Or Votes To Begin With

That is what rnc and msm tried to convince everybody of early on. That is what they will say after this election.

Because everybody JUMPED SHIP.

Go vote for GJ. Go vote romney because he has an R after his name and because rand supports him. Go vote for Goode. Or whoever.

This nation, rnc, msm, will NEVER take us seriously.

Because there is NO cohesion to the end.

Counted or not, I am writing-in Ron Paul. I finish what I start. People who know me take me seriously and NEVER doubt my word. They know very well that next election, I can and will be counted on.

Election is 4 days away. Vote who you want. But I strongly suggest that you SERIOUSLY consider this post, and Ron Pauls unwavering record over the decades.

Don't spout rhetoric that write-ins are not counted or seen. The CORRUPT know exactly EVERYTHING that is going on in and behind the scenes - vote flipping or not.

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No, I am not from Missouri. I am from PA.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Guess What!!!

The information and my problems below have been solved. It looks like Missouri has REVISED rules!!! and now if more than one candidate is selected or writen in the vote for that office is ignored...which is fine as far as I am concerned. I just did not want my vote going for someone else.

And now it also looks like the ballot will be valid as well!

OK, here is my problem. In

OK, here is my problem. In Missouri according to the rules on the Secreatary of State Page

If a write in candidate is written in AND a printed ballot candidate is selected as well, the printed ballot candidate takes the vote.

To me that leaves my ballot subject to tampering.

2ndly, I am concerned since Ron Paul is not a valid write in for Missouri that my whole ballot will be rendered invalid and those local candidates whom I wish to vote for will not receive my vote.

Also, could you please kindly check out this post and either vote or write: http://www.dailypaul.com/261299/the-person-at-the-daily-paul-who-i-would-like-to-thank-is 

Thanks for any time you have to offer.