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The Person at the Daily Paul who I would Like to Thank is…

The Person on the Daily Paul who I would Like to Thank is...

...Michael Nystrom.

As I was doing laundry this week, I was thinking about Michael Nystrom’s Daily Paul and how I butted into one of his conversations this week and spoke to him as if I knew him and told him thank you for inviting us into his living room. And then the thought crossed my mind, wow, I wonder what it would be like to have people in your living room A L L the time! Then I thought, I wonder what kind of grief that may have caused to his personal life for the sake of Liberty. And then I thought, I sure am glad he stuck with it. I have learned so much and have acquired many Friends in Liberty. Then I thought about the appreciation posts I have seen of late and thought Michael Nystrom is deserving of our thanks. Of course I had the thought that someone might think I was brown-nosing, but I have no ulterior motives or reasons to do such a thing. I AM truly thankful for the Daily Paul and Michael Nystrom, its owner.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your concerted efforts on behalf of Liberty. Thank you for a place to come to find out Liberty-related news and to meet up with Liberty-minded people. Thank you for your efforts to make this available to us. Thank you for allowing us to your “living room” 24 hours a day. It is much appreciated. I have grown much in many ways over these past several months. When I finally found Ron Paul and the Daily Paul I finally found a Voice of Liberty and a rest from my wandering from fox news, talk radio and some way out places. I have received much education and acceptance by so many here and I appreciate the opportunity you have provided on our behalf.

Thank you, Michael.

From the bottom of my heart,

P.S. My words are so inadequate; perhaps there are others here at the Daily Paul who can contribute to make this note of thanks more complete.

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Same Here

I will admit that I differ w/ Michael on certain issues but I love the DP and the way he runs it. One of my favorite sites (maybe #1) on the internet.

No doubt.

Thank you Michael.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

A Dutch thank you Michael..

And an overseas bump! ;-)

Dank je wel, Michael, voor al je harde werk.

Tons of respect and, as always, kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /, Holland,


All the way from Holland!

Thank you for taking the journey to wish our OP kind regards!

Thank you very much.... I

Thank you very much for the DP.... I wouldn't know what to do without this site. I come here 10-20 times a day.

Got the DP bug do ya!

I never log off...and try to get other stuff done...of course this is all new stuff to me.

Thank you Michael!

From Skippy and my family!


Skippy & Family,

Thank you for popping in here to let Michael know how much his is appreciated! A great day to you and yours from the OP :)

To whom it may concern:

I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn so much more than expected though this Forum, this medium of exchange, and in particular the Spiritual viewpoint, and now, in particular, the Common Law viewpoint, since I now have more keys to unlock more doors that have kept me out of rooms full of light.


What a Kind Note of Gratitude to the DP Owner

posted by a True Friend OF and IN Liberty who has spent countless hours walking this bear thru the minefield surrounding Liberty. Thank you Joe, for your dedicated help with my repeated and often re-repeated inquiries concerning history, society, economics and politics so that a Mindset of Liberty might take hold after all these years of not even knowing there was such a thing that existed.

Thank you for helping me thru my awakening as I was both horrified and literally frightened when I stumbled upon the Daily Paul as I realized what kind of trouble we are in here in our Land from Sea to Shining Sea. I had no one close by who could yet understand, and it is a lonely place to be when you wake up and everyone else is still asleep. I am thankful for you and I do believe you to be a Godsend. I appreciate your patience as you allow me to share my questions, ideas, conclusions, as well as my faith with you here on this forum.

Thank you for being well read and able to pull from so many sources. Thank you for helping me to understand there is a Power Struggle and to begin to learn to identify true versions of things as opposed to the counterfeit versions. That competition and abundance are necessary in the face of monopoly and scarcity. Thank you for helping me to see that “things” don’t do things, but that it is people who do things and some of those people are Legal Criminals who have written laws to make their Crime Legal. Thank you for helping me to understand voluntary associations as opposed to Might Makes Right, and to finally begin to understand the significance of Josiah Warren’s work, “Equitable Commerce.” Thank you for helping me to learn to ask “Cui bono?”

Boy, am I ever glad you did your homework so I could learn to do mine! Thank you for being ready and able to defend Liberty, for running for office, working with many different groups and sharing those experiences with me. Thank you for your Liberty Day Challenge whereby if enough people will wake up tomorrow morning we can be prepared with local currencies and ideas so that we might quit paying for our own demise: http://www.dailypaul.com/259985/liberty-day-challenge-july-4...

Thank you for helping me to see that Liberty boils down to

1) Ending the Fed
2) Ending the IRS
3) Ending the Wars both Foreign and Domestic and Bringing
the Troops Home

so that we might quit paying for our own demise.

And Michael Nystrom, I realize this is your thank you post, so I say thank you for a place in your living room not limited to sound bites, but a place where true discussion can take place, and a place to say thank you for those things. I think my sanity somewhat depended on it, and I am grateful that the Daily Paul and Josf were both here for me as were countless other Friends in Liberty.

If it sounds like I am gushing, I suppose I am. It has been difficult for me to put into words the magnitude of what has been freely given me and I am sure I have left something out. I fear that it sounds trite, but it is, from the bottom of my heart that I say, “Thank you.”

My favorite Joe Kelley quote: "I think there is a serious error in failing to know that the current government is counterfeit, or crime made legal, and therefore the concept of defense against crime is falsely viewed as being morally wrong, as morality and legality are confused by that bait and switch routine."

Joe’s Law: Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.


Discussion not Debate

A note:

I do not have the most competitive viewpoint, the highest quality, the most accurate, the most productive, the least costly one.

That is the point.

I look.

I see that one, over there, and the name is Ron Paul, and where is my viewpoint made better, and where is my viewpoint starkly contrasting, and which way do I go from here, and what am I reaching for, and is it worth reaching for, and is it even possible to arrive at the goal?

The first message I read, from Ron Paul, was on a piece of paper printed from a newsgroup, which was one of the first inventions produced in this market anarchy known as the internet, a collection of nodes, on the net, connected to each other, and Ron Paul was, even then, championing Liberty.

Thanks again.

We cannot afford to lose this fight.


Not Debate, Competitive Discussion!

I did forget to mention, you were able to reassure me that Ron Paul is the real deal!

the stranger's picture

what's up doc

Michael, hope you're well. What are you reading this weekend?

Thank you

Michael Nystrom, for creating such a great website and for being such a wonderful host. I don't know what I'd do without a place to go to converse with like-minded people and access the important and timely info. shared here.

Thank you Bear, for your thoughtful Post.

Thanks to all the staff of DP who help MN keep the site up and running smoothly.

Thanks to all who participate here and make it interesting!

Missy, I am so glad you stopped in to tell Michael Thank You

The DP is a great website indeed!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Hi bear

I saw your thread last night, after getting home from a long meeting downtown. It was cold and rainy, and I hadn't worn enough clothes, and the traffic was bad and the bus was late so I walked the distance carrying a heavy bag, and was tired and achy when I got home. I checked in on the DP, as I do (partly to make sure it was still there, and hadn't been hacked by a pirate (which has happened before, not to this site, but my previous one), and I saw your thread.

Wow! What a nice surprise! I wanted to say something immediately, but I didn't know what to say. So instead I thought about what you had said, and this is what stood out most:

...and how I butted into one of his conversations this week and spoke to him as if I knew him and told him thank you for inviting us into his living room

And what I thought was - don't we all know each other, on some level? We're all so different, but we all have that one thing in common - that we're Ron Paul supporters. On a deeper level, it means that we share certain values in common and see the world in the same way. In that regard, we are alike and we do all know each other.

This is something that I would like to expand even further, if possible. I have a friend who is a Ron Paul supporter who likes to say he's related to other people, because, "His mother, and my mother -- they're both mothers."

Yes Ron Paul supporters are a family, and we're part of a bigger family too. That is what I always appreciated about Ron Paul - is that he always looks to find common ground, to emphasize similarities and not differences.

As for the living room... I have always sought to define exactly what the Daily Paul is... It is hard to define, except by analogy. One of the best analogies is that it is one big giant party. Everyone is here. We're all talking & exchanging ideas. But it is also like a costume party. People use names like 'bear' and 'The Granger' and 'rawhead' just to name a few. And there are others who come to the party but just peek in the windows and enjoy what is going on. One of those observer, we happen to know, is Ron Paul himself!

But I'm happy to host the party, and I'm glad that people enjoy the party, and party on when I'm not around.

And I really can't take too much credit for the DP. Really, without you - all of you - it would not be what it is: One big, long, never ending conversation... So thank you all.

And of course, without the technical support, the site would not be here at all. So special thanks goes to bigmikedude, Joη, Jaspreet, NCMarc and Jefferson who make up the core of the technical team that keeps the site on the air, through hurricanes, floods, fires, spammers, flamers, overloaded database tables, excessive db queries, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't understand.

What I am most happy to hear is how much people learn and grow from each other here on the site.

Thank you bear, and everyone on the thread.

To Liberty!

He's the man.

Thanks for letting me in to

Thanks for letting me in to your party.

Isn't it great!

There is plenty of room for all of us!

"One big giant party...One big, long never ending conversation"

Cheers to our Host, Michael Nystrom!

Michael, I am so glad you found a warm spot here in your living room after a cold, rainy trip home. We do appreciate you! What a great host you are to this Family of Liberty Loving Friends! Thank you for letting us party on in your absence...24 hours a day...learning and exchanging ideas for the Cause of Liberty!
And to our Champion of Liberty, Ron Paul, thank you for peeking in from time to time; truly an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. Thank you for speaking that idea long enough so someone like me could finally hear and understand. I will be writing your name in here in Missouri. It will not be counted, but you are my choice:
R O N P A U L...your campaign stickers are still on our vehicles...and your message in our hearts.
Thank you Michael, I have a mother, you have a mother…they are both mothers, so we MUST be related! I think that may just be why this is such a unique place. You, Michael, are unique in that you are welcoming and approachable. That is contagious! Give my regards to Mrs. Nystrom. We appreciate her part in this 24 hour party in the living room.

Your masquerading sister,

(I was too paranoid when I first signed up. I had just woken up and I was afraid “they” would find out who I am and come and get me. Now, I don’t care. “They” probably already know, but I sure like being bear.) 


thank you

simply and sincerely thank you mr nystrom

"simply and sincerely thank you mr nystrom"

Thank you for taking time out of your Saturday morning to stop in and say thank you to our host. Your words are perfect!

3 Thanks, on & to DP.

+1. 1st, a long over-due thanks to Micheal Nystrom, owner of DP.
2nd, thanks to Bear for this thankful initiative, made easy for us. You have written it so well, am wondering who will/can enhance it.
3rd, thanks to many DPers who posted what benefited us.

Six hours before this thread I wrote on an other page, about DP, =
"DP upholds the principles of Liberty, where we exchange & share news & views. It is the market-place of ideas & opinions, = freedom of thought & no-coercion. With Faith or without faith. Its a choice."

At the time of appreciation of creation one should also give thanks to the creator. I had missed out on that, - but Bear's post came as a timely reminder, =to give "thanks to Micheal Nystrom, the creator & owner of DP.

DP blog / service/facility is very easy to use, though I have not tried many tools & options offered here. I will learn them some-day - soon. DP moderators may have noticed that I have Not posted a new thread (OP?), I usually post comments on items in the right column, = the "Active Topics", or respond to those in my account page. My focus has been on 3 kinds of subjects, =
1) ConFirm the Name-s. 2) ConDemn U$ury. 3) ConFront Zionism.

Added +1 to 911, & encouraged references to scriptures, to strengthen Faith. Some months back there were two threads I had passed, 1) contribution, and 2) intro. This can be arranged- so no excuses here, I feel like a defaulter. Hope to arrange it soon.

Today we read a wake-up post by PollMan, re "restore balance" -

with best wishes to Micheal, Bear, & all DPers.

+1. 1st, a long over-due thanks to Micheal Nystrom, owner of DP.

Thank you Najam for stopping in here and giving your thoughts to M Nysrom and the other DPers.

Your words:

"DP upholds the principles of Liberty, where we exchange & share news & views. It is the market-place of ideas & opinions, = freedom of thought & no-coercion. With Faith or without faith. Its a choice."

are indeed the essence of this place Michael shares with us.


Thanks for the excellent homepage Mr. Nystrom. And thank you to the many, many amazing people in your living room. I hope that you'll continuously require renovations to accomodate more lovers of freedom and the enlightening conversations that eminate from it.

A Paulice Officer here at the DP!

So are you a Police Officer for real?

I was a secretary in my earlier life, accommodate has 2 c's and 2 m's Not that it matters, but just in case you want to know.

Thank you for stopping in here and expressing your appreciation to Mr. Nystrom.

sary i was in areel herry to

sary i was in areel herry to thro out my thanks and i em a reel police offcer and a part time smartass. Sincerely though, great letter.


because I want to talk to you about all of the police abuse videos on the DP. Are they real? Or are people trying to make us afraid of the police for no good reason? I have never been afraid of police before. I have always thought they were the good guys. Now, I am afraid. Do you have any thoughts along these childish and pathetic lines with which I am expressing myself?

(Sorry about the spelling thing. I just wanted to make sure you know about the 2c's and 2ms' I wasn't trying to be a smart... )

here ya go Bear

Sorry for not responding to you sooner but here goes. Are the videos real? They are as real as any video of course. I think your question is, are most cops as bad as portrayed in the videos that are frequently posted here. I say no generally speaking. As far as these videos are concerned, I think that sometimes they are taken out of context and the whole story is not available that might somehow make judgment a little more difficult. I also think that some people only want to see the bad and skew it that way by cutting portions of a video or filling in the gaps of the story themselves but all that aside, there are clear and convincing videos of police officers that are just as described, criminal, disgusting, immoral and unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the whole profession mirrors our larger society in those very same categories. Our profession is supposed to be at a higher standard and perhaps, overall, it is. I certainly think it is from my lengthy experience. I couldn't even to begin to tell you countless stories of little interactions I've been involved in or have witnessed of officer's actions over the years that would bring a tear of love to the most hateful of eyes and cheer to their hearts. I've also seen police officers arrest other police officers or testify against other police officers. I've seen some videos of poor conduct used in police training to show trainees examples of how not to act and Ive seen the obvious disgust on their faces, knowing they new what they were seeing was wrong the instant they saw the videos. Some people show these videos because they believe in no government at all and therefore, no need or desire for law or enforcement of it, and the video is a tool to convince others of their case against it. I personally believe in a much more limited government with much more power in the hands of the Citizenry and I believe that the founders intended it that way. I also believe our society has gotten to where it has, far from the founders intent, simply because it has not wanted to be responsible for itself. It has slowly and more recently, quickly, turned over more responsibility to the government and the money masters to the point which we all lose in the end. As negative as that may sound, I think we will change things around before catastrophe. I hope so at least, all we can do is keep talking to each other and not castigate whole parts of society based on some bad examples. Those examples will begin disappearing the more people wake up and start speaking up. So in closing, I want to say that I am not asking for the videos to stop being shown, I want them to stop because their aren't any to show. If anyone, cop or not, is doing something that fits in the above listed categories, it should be shown. I just want people to know that no one is rolling video of the tender moments that DO exist daily. Sorry for rambling and no paragraphs, I was in a hurry.

Thank you, Sir!

I appreciate your service. You know, I think we should appreciate our public servants just like we appreciate those that serve the public abroad.

Sometimes I wonder if there are not certain elements at work that want to remove the support of the people from their public officials so that the society will be more easily taken by tyranny.

I like the words that you offered:

"I want to say that I am not asking for the videos to stop being shown, I want them to stop because their aren't any to show."

It would be nice if the same concerted effort was made to show the overwhelming multitude of good things that exist!

I never feared law enforcement (except for that healthy fear) until I began to wake up and hear of how departments were arming themselves. And the Governor of the state I live in even suggested that people whose description I could fit (pro-life, religious, Ron Paul supporter...) could fit the terrorist profile. I am not so afraid anymore as I have been awake longer and the truth is no longer such a shock to my system.

But it does still concern me that we are being divided to fall from within to form a more perfect global union and that certain powers may be part of that dividing force. It concerns me that there are things like Homeland Security, NDAA, and the Patriot Act, and that congress no longer declares war, and from what I understand presidents are over-stepping the constitution with executive orders.

I am glad you have hope. Thank you for the time you have taken to write me back. Thank you for your service. I wish you the best.