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Ground Zero In the Battle For Liberty - Is in the Courts - Learn How to Hold a "Court of Record"

This post is in the current category due to it is about law. I would appreciate the mods consider separating "politics" from "law" as law should be a separate topic.

First off, I want to apologize for my frustration with everyone choosing to write-in Ron Paul in this election cycle. Truth be told I do not vote in the demon-ocracy (rule by demons) which as most of you know is actually a kleptocracy.

I'm going to be holding a skype class called "Common Law Court of Record, Oaths & Bonds." I think we are all in agreement that as long as we allow judges to act as dictators making unilateral legal determinations while nullifying the founder's purposes for giving the jury the ultimate say on what the law is, we are going to keep getting our arses handed to us.

Ground zero in the battle for Liberty, is in the Courts. Not our own little bands that get together and call ourselves "courts" which in reality is lawful, but instead plugging what we know into THEIR court rooms while at the same time holding our courts of record.

This requires two things in order for it to work.

1) The people in the current de-facto corporate courts must be educated in what a "court of record" is, it's basis of authority in law, and why it is important that we bring SANITY back to our court system in America.

2) Judges in every case, must be compelled to take off their dictator hats and put on their referee uniforms. We plan to handle that by getting certified copies of their bonds, oaths and serving them process through notaries, which are served on sheriffs, and using sheriffs to serve process on the judges.

The introductory service of process will be entirely educational in nature while at the same time putting them on notice that we know they do not have valid oaths of office and cannot make any legal determinations NOR ARE THEY BY LAW judges. Judges all over this country are on the payroll as judges while their oaths have not been properly executed, leaving them open to massive tort claims which they will not be wanting to face... IF WE ARE PREPARED to go the distance and not give up until our opponents leave the battlefield.

A court is the alternative to an actual shooting war where people are physically harmed and things happen which cannot be taken back. We have no desire to harm these judges who have been duped into a system where they are committing crimes on a daily basis, which forces them to bow to their masters who use that against them should they choose to buck the system.

When a judge is turned into a referee, the court and everything which takes place in it is for the most part out of his/her control and he/she now has a legitimate justification for allowing due process to take place. The referee does not make legal determinations, they are ONLY there to enforce court rules and protect the dignity of the court, making sure that the discourse between the parties is not reduced to immature arguments, which will eventually lead to physical war if differences are not worked out.

The court's true purpose (regardless of what it currently represents today) is to prevent violence and allow parties who are at odds with each other to settle their differences amicably while giving the public (through juries of peers) the opportunity to keep bad laws in check which politicians may make due to special influence by big corporations which do not have the public's best interests in mind.

If you would like to participate in peacefully settling our differences with our would-be executioners BEFORE there is civil unrest in this country, please download skype, add "vinceableworld" and I will add you into the classroom so that you can get up to speed with what we're doing.

Before the revolution, the king's men who were in this country frequently wrote letters back to the king telling him that they could not get any of his agenda passed due to the fact that Americans knew the law very well. Children were brought up on law books and the common man knew how to defend himself or handle his differences with a would-be enemy in the court system.

The courts are SUPPOSED TO BE our way of PREVENTING war, violence and bloodshed. We have allowed them to be corrupted by OUR IGNORANCE. Let's not point any fingers here. Every one of us is guilty of allowing Attorney's to maintain a MONOPOLY on the "practice of law." When we have a question about law we are told by everyone (through their own conditioning) to "ask an Attorney" when instead we SHOULD BE READING a law book and educating ourselves on how to assert our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights.

If you want to learn how to stand up for yourself in a court and help restore our republican form of government (which is BASED on common law - which is common sense) in this country before it's too late - please join us.

If you don't know what common law is... basically if you feel you have been harmed you call your sheriff. Sheriff gathers a grand jury (25 people). Majority vote of the grand jury triggers a court case. Accused then has the right to a jury. The plaintiff states in what way (plain english) he/she has been harmed - can call witnesses etc... enter evidence... same for the defendant (the accused) - then the jury (of 12) decides. Plantiff needs a unanimous decision. Defendant needs just one.

Before we can return the law to this type of simplicity we will need to educate the people in the court system who do not realize the power of the sheriff (including most sheriffs) as well as the FACT that the judges are supposed to be IMPARTIAL and objective observers who are ONLY there to protect the dignity and sanctity of the court system.

"at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people [the owners], and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects, … and have none to govern but themselves [self-government]; the citizens of America [corporations or people with the status of “citizen”] are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants [by their consent to be governed through corporate charters or private contracts] in the sovereignty." -- Chisholm v. Georgia 2 U.S. (1973)

SPLC/BAR system actors want to scare you off of learning about your true powers delegated to you by God and protected by both the Declaration of Independence and the constitutions both state and federal, because THEY MAKE A LOT OF MONEY if you do not know what the law is, or how to handle yourself in a court room. If you are ignorant of the law you are then FORCED to hire an Attorney who has NO INTEREST in teaching you about your rights, the law... and in most cases THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE LAW IS EITHER.

Attorneys in "law school" are not taught law. They are taught procedure and they are also taught that the judge is the 500lb gorilla in the court room. What they do not understand is that you, as one of the people... are the 800lb gorilla that simply does not know the law due to the "Federal Department of Education's" systematic dumbing down of the people in this country over the last 3 or four generations. It's ABOUT MONEY - It's ONLY about MONEY.

NOTICE TO ALL FEDERAL AGENTS: We are not violent nor are we trying to incite violence. If you have some problem with what we are doing all you need to do is call us up, send an email or wait till we show up in the courts and arrest us if you feel you have the LAWFUL AUTHORITY to do so. My ADVISE to ALL is that if you are dealing with an IGNORANT public servant who threatens violence if you do not comply... you go along peacefully and take up the matter in the court room. That's where you are supposed to be asserting your rights if the public servant is ignorant of the law. He has a gun and has been TRAINED to KILL you if you "question his authority" in the wrong way.

The FACT IN LAW is public servants have ZERO authority. They have delegated powers. Delegated to them BY THE PEOPLE. The correct time to bring the law up if the public servant does not know it - IS IN in the court. If you don't know how to hold court and stand on your own two feet, you cannot effectively assert your rights.

Bottom line is we have two choices. Either we learn how to govern ourselves and handle our own affairs responsibly and PEACEFULLY or we WILL BE GOVERNED BY OTHERS many of which have their own agendas which do not include our best interests.

"The Sovereign decrees the law."

The law is what you say it is: Say I have a law that pink shoes cannot be worn. The penalty is DEATH. Now I see someone wearing pink shoes. The accused has a right to a jury. It is not very likely the jury will enforce my law. Say I have another law that if I'm minding my own business and you beat the crap out of me... you have to pay my hospital bills plus spend thirty days in jail. That's my law... and the penalty I require if you break it. What are the chances of the jury enforcing that law?

Common Law is Common Sense. Isn't about time we had a return to common sense in this country?

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