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New Jersey kicks out Sandy volunteers because they aren't unionized

New Jersey kicks out Sandy volunteers because they aren't unionized

Published: 02 November, 2012, 19:07

Utility workers from across the US are descending on the Northeastern states left ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, but some volunteers making the trek are being told they can’t pitch in since they don’t belong to a union.

According to a report published late Thursday by WAFF News out of Seaside Heights, crews coming to assist all the way from Alabama’s Decatur Utilities were turned away because they aren’t unionized, despite making the 800-mile jaunt to lend a hand.

WAFF quotes Decatur worker Derrick Moore, who tells the network that him and his colleagues “are frustrated being told, in essence, ‘thanks, but no thanks.’”

Read more: http://rt.com/usa/news/new-jersey-sandy-union-849/

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A friend stopped by this morning and as the conversation bounced around, he brought up that he heard this on the radio this morning during his paper route.
I was astonished. But I grew up with a union family and I have watched it get quite out of hand.
One would think that at a point like this, it wouldn't matter until the job was done.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government