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Shades of Gray (voting)

Holding out physical examples of each, ask a child a simple question:

Which is your favorite color, gray or white?

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I think most of us will sooner encounter a unicorn whose sh.. turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert than an imaginative, energetic, wide-eyed child whose favorite color is gray or white. But in my experience, most children will indeed point at the one they prefer between the two when asked and simultaneously presented with physical examples of each.

Alas, the question was not which they prefer of the two, but which is their favorite color.

Of course, it’s a bit much to expect any child to discern the semantics at play here, let alone to reject the question altogether, especially in the face of an adult who is typically perceived in the light of authority and who is misdirecting by pointing to two objects, from which little minds deduce that they must choose one. Yet, when indeed one finds a child who pushes back against the false dichotomy unfairly foisted upon them — by answering a different color, or bluntly stating that they don’t like either, or by any other action or answer that roundly rejects white or gray — in essence, that is exactly what we have: discernment of the semantics and rejection of the question for its false premises. When this happens, one can’t help but be thoroughly impressed by the precocious strength of intellect and force of character demonstrated by a child under such misleading and socially-imposing circumstances. This type of child is rightly heralded for his or her ability to think critically and independently, and for courageously expressing in the face of perceived authority that his or her own true conviction lay outside of the proffered choices. This type of spirited, intelligent child is celebrated in all circles (save public school).

This type of adult, on the other hand, is roundly and severely castigated…

For not voting.


The uncritical, deferential, obedient, unwitting children adults who merely choose white or gray upon their presentation as the only choices every 4 years are none other than the participants of the American electorate...

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