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What if they take away our Internet?

We need a plan to keep in contact with everyone should our use of the Internet be stripped from us. Perhaps we can all send private email messages to one another so we can add everyone to our email contacts. I'm suggesting if anyone on the DP would like to share ther email with others from the DP you could post here.

Do not post your email directly on this post! Just post a comment. Be sure your account settings allow for personal emails to your email account.

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We should have a way to

We should have a way to contact everyone and send messages if they ever decide to shut down the DP. Exchange emails.

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What if they take away our Internet ? Learn about AD HOC routing

What if they take away our Internet ? Learn about AD HOC routing

On Wireless ad hoc networks :


On routing, via OLSR :


OLSR specs :


On wireless community networks (requiring infrastructure) :

List of wireless community networks by region



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A real plan..............

No internet, no email......... Period.

No internet? Make our own. Wireless hop it.

Need a plan for numbering, 10.lat.long.station, and a plan for dns.

Stations can give out other private addresses, allowing many users.

Some other complications, routing, but it could be done. Not that many will use it to start, but heck, it would be there - with no real central control.


Not Even Sure It's A Question Of "If"

We know for certain that TPTB are going to try to control (suppress speech on) the internet. Each bill that gets shot down brings about another bill that is even wider in scope in its powers of suppression. At some point, I expect either an executive order or a false flag operation that opens the door to the passing of one of these bills. Then the liberty movement is really going to be "up against it". Hopefully we wake up enough people before a bill like this gets passed and it creates a huge public outcry (which hopefully will cause the bill to be repealed).

I'm going to give myself a

I'm going to give myself a bump in hopes others will catch on.