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Occupy Denver- Idaho springs eviction protest. (Sheriff Dept shows up in riot gear)

"Somebody has to keep the order" said the man with the assault rifle to the unarmed protectors. That is no typo, they are also "protesters" but they are protectors of the peace.
When "Liberty lovers" and "Occupy" come together... and I believe we will.... Heck, I am a 99%, I get that. And they realize the banksters must be stopped. How far apart are we, really?

But listen well at 3:25... That young man is starting to crack. And truly, kudos to all - the protesters were pretty well behaved, the guy with the bullhorn was a little over the top, but this whole thing is ridiculous in the extreme. And the cops clearly showed up "loaded for bear" and yet no one even got tazed, that really looks like progress to me.