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Info on the correct way to do a write-in

I need some help on how to do a proper write-in. My state is Florida, and this election they are furnishing me a blank line (never recall seeing this before). This line is just begging me to enter Ron Paul, but I am afraid that if I simply enter RP without more info, the whole ballot will be thrown out. I will be voting Republican straight down the line, except for president, so I don't think even the GOP wants to lose my ballot. Do I need to further designate which Ron Paul I am referring too?

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I was thinking along the same lines

and was planning to write 'U.S. Congressman Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul'.

In Missouri...

In Missouri my ballot lists both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates names as a pair to vote for. If you write in a name, and your ballot has both President and VP like mine does, then you need to write two names.

If there is a blank for write-ins, then using it while not selecting a printed name for the same office, should not cause the ballot to be thrown out.